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Cross Canadian Ragweed - Garage
Album Review By: Jim Weaver, CSO Staff Journalist

If you’re looking for twin fiddles and a steel guitar, you’re barking up the wrong tree here. However, if you like a little fuzz in your guitar and a southern twang in the lyrics, then Garage just might be right up your alley. This is album number seven for this popular band named Cross Canadian Ragweed, and their third for Nashville based Universal South Records. Garage is also their best selling album out of the box ever with over 30,000 units sold in its first week on the shelves landing it a very respectable 6th place in it’s Billboard debut on the Country Album Charts.

Cross Canadian Ragweed are, frontman and lead guitarist Cody Canada, Randy Ragsdale on drums, Grady Cross works the rhythm guitar and Jeremy Plato on bass. This dynamic group of guys has literally been together since they were kids growing up in Oklahoma. Musically they came into their own in the Texas music scene selling more indie records than most of your so-called “Major Label Artists”. It’s easy to see why Tony Brown and Tim Dubois at Universal South grabbed CCR when they had the chance.

If you are a fan of CCR’s music then you know what I mean when I say it’s really hard to pigeonhole these guys, one minute they sound pretty darn country, the next it sounds like their starting a song you might hear from Foreigner back in the 70’s. Fact is, you can hear many influences in CCR’s music, everything from Stevie Ray Vaughn to fellow Oklahoman Garth Brooks. All you have to do is look at who they have toured with to see what I mean; Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Keith Urban, Gary Allan, Dierks Bentley, etc.

Canada wrote eleven of the fourteen tracks on this CD including co-writing with Mike McClure the song “Dimbag”, a tribute to the late “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott, lead guitarist for the rock band Pantera who was slain on stage in December 2004. CCR band member Cody Canada says of this song; “The fact that somebody could kill you while you were on stage doing what you love, that hit us pretty hard”. The same two conspired on their first single released to radio also, “Fightin’ For”, melodically one of the best songs on the CD. The song has good lyrics too, but it just has one of those melodies you can’t get out of your head.

CCR and their friend Dierks Bentley have teamed up to co-headline the High Times And Hangovers Tour II, which is already underway even as I write this. Look for upcoming stops in Seattle, WA - Billings, MT – Dallas, TX – San Antonio, TX – Memphis, TN – and even New York City on the eve of the CMA Awards.

The lack of pigeonhole-ability can work again CCR as well, unfortunately most radio programmers tend to be safe in what they choose for their playlists. This is especially true when it comes to country radio programmers. Therefore this talented band will always have a hard time getting their stuff on the radio. That’s not to say they won’t get any radio airplay, just maybe not as much as they deserve. But what the heck, as long as they sell out concerts and sell lots of records, that is what really counts, and CCR is doing just that.

Back in my day they called it Southern Rock, today it seems to be called Country Rock, or maybe Texas Music or Alt Country, or in some cases like the Musik Mafia it might be titled “music without prejudice”. Whatever the heck you want to call it, it’s good, and will definitely get you’re blood pumping and toes tapping. Heck, you might even find yourself singing along, I did.

One more thing! This is a 2 disc set, you also get a DVD disc, I don't know what's on it because the laptop computer I was using to write this review doesn't play DVDs... (I know, I need to upgrade), I'm sure it's very good though!

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Garage song list:

1. Fightin' For 
2. After All 
3. Dimebag 
4. Breakdown 
5. Sister 
6. When It All Goes Down 
7. Final Curtain 
8. Late Last Night 
9. Blues for You 
10. SS #10 
11. Lighthouse Keeper 
12. This Time Around 
13. Who Do You Love 
14. Bad Habit


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Real People Reviews

I go to OSU, the town where Ragweed got its start, and Everyone has loved them ever since the days at the wormy dog. Go to a party in Stillwater and you can bet your a__ there will be some Ragweed in the stereo. I have never heard a song that I don't like by these guys, and that's because their songs are based on their life experiences as well as those close to them. Not like this new sellout pop country BS. I love this band because they are who they wanna be, and they wont change or sell out because of some "expert" in Nashville. Keep on kickin a__, and CCR is always welcome home in Stillwater, Oklahoma.
~ Rob H.

I am one the "Boys from Oklahoma" and I have been a fan of these guys ever since they started and was playing the strip and Tumbleweed's in Stillwater, OK. This album is just as good as any they have done. That means they have not ever put out a bad album. I have been waiting for this album and certainly was not disappointed. Thanks for another great album fellas!
~ SGT Carpenter, US Army

Love the new CCR album, its great to hear a band change their tone every album. GARAGE is a must by.
~ Nathan

I have been a fan of this group since I first heard the song "17". The music in Garage only intensifies my growing obsession with this extremely talented and "not quite normal" bunch of musical misfits.
~ No Name Given

loved it..............
~ John H.

This album rocks. I've been listening to CCR since 2003. I was first introduced to them in Houston by some friends and have been hooked ever since. Each song is better than the last and you can relate to the music. You don't hear good rock and roll /hard country anymore. CCR is bringing that back. I can't say enough good about this band. They rule. Keep it coming boys. I love ya!
~ Chris - Deerfield, MI

I have been listening to CCR for over 4 years now and this is the best album they have out. They cover all their roots and give you a real feel of who they are. I will forever be a CCR fan because their music never tires like so many artists. From "Fightin For" to "Bad Habit", they are all great songs ONCE AGAIN. 
~ Chris - Fayetteville, AR

This came out at a time I needed some wind beneath my wings. CCRW thanks for the wind. Keep doing what your doing, it keeps me going. Makes the day easier and the feelings come to me as if you wrote it just for me. Wow, you guys hit home every time. No way you could ever know how you lift me up.
~ Mitzi S. - Ninnekah, Oklahoma

Each and every song is great. I can't help but just bob my head and sing along all the time. I love the way each song has a great story to tell. You feel you can relate to what they are singing about. All songs are different. Both Southern Rock and a little bit of hard country! Keep it coming boys! 
~ Kelly - Houston, TX 

I loved the new album garage.  Every song on it is awesome.  More radio stations need to start playing them and more often.  They are the next top rate band.  So all you CCR  fans, keep spreading the word and help out and join the I-squad.
~ Teri C.

Loved it!!!! Only way its better is if you see them in concert, their live show is the best you'll ever see.
~ Marty

I own every single album this band has ever put out. I've been following them for almost 6 years now and each & every one sounds different. You really can see how they've progressed-both musically & professionally. I've followed them from Austin, to Houston, to Conroe, to College Station, and I'd go just about anywhere to see them (I'm currently trying to purchase tickets to see them at The House of Blues in Vegas when I'm there in Dec.). Because I've followed them for so long-I feel like I know them personally. I've met them several times & back in college when I was some-what of a stalker-they'd smile like the recognized me. Not only are they the most down to earth group of guys I've ever seen-they've stayed that way throughout the "fame" they've recently earned.
It's so funny. I guess because I've listened to them for so long-even without the deserved radio play-I'm so proud of all they've accomplished. I wish them the best & I am proud to say "I knew them when..."
~ Jennifer

Props to Cody and the boys for another great album. It’s great to see a band stay who have been together for 10 years and still just love to play the music. They’re not just caught up in the hype of being famous. Keep 'em coming guys!! 
~ Adrienne M.

The album is awesome. It's amazing how these guys can keep turning out one great album after another.  True credit to their talents.
~ AD



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