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I Walk The Line - Starring Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon
Country Movie Review By Jim Moulton

walkthelineposter.jpgJoaquin Phoenix does an incredible job of playing Johnny Cash in the new movie I Walk The Line, in theatres now. He even sings quite well and sounds like Cash. Reese Witherspoon equally does well in her June Carter role, also singing very well. This is a powerful movie, basically covering the first half of Cash's life. 

The script does a very good job of portraying Cash during the most destructive years of his life. The movie ends in 1968 with June Carter, who helped him during his years of amphetamine abuse, finally accepting one of his many proposals. 

This could be a multi-faceted award winner. The Sound track is gonna be good too, the music is uncannily Cash sounding. The actor playing Cash's guitar player Luther Perkins does a great job, the guy always has this expression, like, am I doing the right thing? These guys are really playing. The movie portrays Cash from a child until he proposes to June on stage and she accepts.

This movie accurately portrays the drugs, sex and rock and roll lifestyle that Cash embarks on and actually plagued him on and off thru out his life. Not everyone knows that Cash actually started out as a rockabilly star like Elvis before he turned to country music. There are some historic gaps in the movie, but in the time a movie gives you, you have to focus on certain topics so what you see is true, but there are some time gaps.

Cash loved country music as a five year old while his father berated him constantly. The scenery of the farm country where he grew up is just plain beautiful.

Phoenix's performance is uncanny, this may be the country music movie to beat all others. Lots of portrayals of live shows with Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, bumping into June Carter on the tour and also Bill Haley and Elvis. They toured the circuits together where Cash was turned on to meth. 

I looked for out of time period stuff, but the old cars from the 50's were great, the portrayal of Sam Phillips' old Sun Studio was very accurate. I had read that Cash liked playing black Martin D-28s, here they are regular vintage look-a-likes, maybe later in his career he started playing the black guitars.

Well, can not tell you more, but this is a must see for Cash fans.

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