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Jerry Douglas - Best  Kept Secret
Review By Jim Moulton, CSO Contributing Journalist
Photo: Mike Smith

The best kept secret is definitely not Jerry Douglas, one of the best known Dobro players in Nashville. This disc shows that Douglas can play much more than just Dobro riffs with the best of them. Several celebrity guests grace this eclectic affair. 

"She Makes Me Want To Sing" is an incredible Allman-esque jam with Derek Trucks playing slide guitar, trading riffs on a song that they wrote together. It comes off shockingly well. Trucks really sounds great too, playing some subtle slide fades on his Les Paul.

On "Who's Your Uncle", Sam Bush joins him on mandolin and Bela Fleck on Banjo. Great fiddle by Gabe Wilder. This is back in familiar bluegrass territory in top form. Each takes a solo and it is a tremendous collaboration. 

Ever wondered what Alison Krauss would sound like fronting a southern funk band? Well, on "Back In Love Again", Alison sings some funky lyrics on top of a great southern rocker, with a touch of funk. Shannon Forrest provides the great drums on this whole disc. Douglas plays some killer electric slide guitar on his lap steel. Great backup vocals by Krauss.

"A Remark You Made" is a very nicely textured masterpiece with just some beautiful, dreamy Dobro and nice interaction with his studio band. A lot of this disc is very creative jam band type material that really showcases Douglas's talent.

"The Best Kept Secret" is a nine minute jam with Douglas kickin' on the Dobro with a full band sound, more electric than bluegrass. Great electric guitar, possibly by Douglas who is listed as playing a Fender Telecaster on this Disc. There is an Allman-esque flavor to this jam too. Nice fiddle and bass. Very Improvisational. The bass has a jazzy sound. Jeff Coffin does a very nice sax solo on this song.

The quality of this recording is nothing but incredible, mastered by Jim Domain of Yes Master. The CD is produced by Douglas himself.

"lil' roro' " with guitarist Bill Frissell is a very nice piece. Douglas on Electric slide with Frissell playing some great electric guitar. Frissell goes off on a little Hendrix sounding tangent towards the end. Forrest's drums are incredible in this intense musical painting.

John Fogerty sings some Delta blues with Douglas. More of an acoustic sound on this song.

There is no box to put this super eclectic, blue-grassy, bluesy, jazzy, southern jam band material into. It is currently number three on Billboard's Bluegrass chart. 

Might not be for you, but I give it a big thumbs up, Douglas really goes out on a limb to make something that is musical art.

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The Best Kept Secret song list:

1. She Makes Me Want To Sing * With Derek Trucks 
2. Who's Your Uncle? * With Sam Bush And Bela Fleck 
3. Back In Love Again * With Alison Krauss 
4. A Remark You Made
5. The Best Kept Secret
6. Lil' RoRo * WIth Bill Frisell 
7. Swing Blues No.1 * With John Fogerty 
8. Snow's First Fall 
9. Ya Ya Etc.
10. U R My Flower 
11. Sir Aly B 


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