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Joey Daniels - Take Me Off The Market
By Jim Weaver
Release Date: 9/27/05

She has a million dollar smile and the talent to back it up. World, meet Joey Daniels... Joey Daniels, meet the world. Daniels' debut CD on Big3 Nashville Records is titled Take Me Off The Market, and you can really hear a Shania influence in her delivery and arrangements. Not like that's some kind of bad thing, Shania's done fairly well for herself. I have always been a sucker for writer/performers because there are a lot of people in this world who can sing but you start looking at who can write, play and sing and that list grows short fast, Joey does all 3 very well. Plus you'll find some top notch Producing on this album from the likes of James Stroud, Bill Edwards, Jim "Pinky" Beeman and Executive Producer Mark Bright. 

Joey Daniels' bio says she's simple, the way she puts it; "I like blue jeans and bare feet - just simple life", fact is that's the way I feel about this album, I simply like it. I don't think we've seen the best work out of Daniels yet but this is a very good start.


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