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Jon Randall - Walking Among The Living
By: Cheryl Harvey Hill, Sr. Staff Journalist

Up until now, Jon Randall was most often recognized, and often over shadowed, by the company he kept. His first critical acclaim came when he shared in a Grammy as one of Emmylou Harris' dynamic Nash Ramblers for the album At the Ryman. Later, his splendid duet with Lorrie Morgan on "By My Side" (from her To Get You album) was overshadowed by all the drama surrounding their relationship but Randall wasn't deterred and persevered. After a few other miscues, for no logical reason if you look at the excellent body of work he has produced over the years, he finally garnered his rightful place in the talent spotlight (along side none other than the legendary Bill Anderson) as the co-writer on the multiple award-winning hit for Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss; "Whiskey Lullaby." With his song writing talents aptly noted and finally acknowledged, he applies his impressive tenor voice to the fourteen songs (thirteen, of which he wrote or co-wrote) on the just released Walking Among the Living; an album he co-produced with George Massenburg.

I love great vocal harmonies and there are several on this album. Sonya Issacs' voice blends seamlessly with Randall's on "North Carolina Moon" which was co-written by Ron Stewart; Randall's father. (Yep, for all you trivia buffs, Stewart is actually Jon Randall's real last name.) Patty Loveless lends vocal support on the haunting chorus of "I Shouldn't Do This" and the precision harmony delivered by Alison Krauss on "My Southern Comfort" is true perfection.

"Austin" was another of my favorite tracks. This up-tempo, toe tapper with its witty lyrics and rockin' rhythm is skillfully conveyed with the help of some excellent piano and harmonica but the best song on the album may well be Randall's own emotional version of "Whiskey Lullaby." As heartrending as the Paisley/Krauss version is, Randall's version is even more affecting with his eloquently soulful tenor delivery and the plaintive string accompaniment.

This is one of those albums that has something for everyone, regardless of what genre of music you prefer. Randall wonderfully conveys an enjoyable eclectic blend of country, blues, bluegrass and a little rock 'n roll to show the world, once and for all, the spotlight is right where it should be ... on him.


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Jon Randall - Walking Among The Living  song list:

1. Baby Won't You Come Home 
2. In the Country 
3. North Carolina Moon 
4. Somebody Else 
5. Long Way Down 
6. Whiskey Lullaby 
7. Austin 
8. I Shouldn't Do This 
9. Reprise for Somebody Else 
10. Coming Back for More 
11. Lonely for Awhile 
12. Walking Among the Living 
13. No Southern Comfort 
14. My Life 

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