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Kate Campbell - Blues And Lamentations 
CD Review by Jim Moulton

Kate Campbell has always been an enigma to me. This is the third recording I've been sent to review and this is the first that I have reviewed. The first two recordings I just could not get past the poor recording quality and really did not get her. I knew something was going on, but it wasn't hitting me. I am a freak for good recording quality, I just do not see any excuse for it with all of today's equipment and ability to make a good disc, though lots of overcompressed distorted CDs are bestsellers. I will say that country music is not a genre guilty of that except some of the indies.

This has been a good year for me with lots of great Americana and bluegrass albums to review. I requested a publicist friend of mine if she had anything good and before I knew it, I had Kate's new CD.
I put my phones on and proceeded to be blown away by incredibly great music. Just some great delta blues with a taste of gospel. Never heard Kate so intense, singing old timey blues with an incredible acoustic recording produced by Walt Aldridge at Emerald Studios in Nashville and mastered at Mastermix by Hank Williams. A great bunch of pickers and Larry Franklin on fiddle.

"Miles Of Blues" starts out the CD. Great song, great dobro, great lyrics. Great acoustic guitar break, incredible dobro. "Good news, there's music to ease your mind when you've got miles and miles of blues".

"Freedom Train" - this is an incredible song about Moses' march thru the wilderness. "I may not get there with you, keep marchin' just the same." Kates' voice radiates honesty, sincerity and she has finally won my heart. 

This is Americana at it's best. Randy Kohrs plays the dobro as good or better than anyone that I have ever heard.
Kate Campbell is a genius lyric composer, the imagery, the emotion, she has conquered the delta blues genre here and why it is that such sad songs do so much to lift a soul, I'll never know.

"Shallow Grave" a slow acoustic beauty, oh that dobro just cuts thru my heart. "Someone will take the love you gave and put it in a shallow grave."

I love every song on this disc, it's like listening to a good concert that's in the groove, what so many producers look for, but miss. I just think that Kate has really taken her music to such a higher level on this disc. Even with leaving Compadre records to start her own label, this CD should do very well, especially with her large fan base. If you like Americana, you have to sample this. Go visit Kate at: www.katecampbell.com 

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