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Kathleen Edwards - Back To Me
CD Review by Jim Moulton

Canada has been producing lots of Nashville country talent for awhile. Kathleen is the first great alt/country gem that I have heard from up north.

Back To Me, Edwards first Album with Rounder/ZoE Records is nothing short of genius. Lots of credit has to go to Producer, lead guitarist Colin Cripps. Colin brings out the best in Kathleen, plus adding some very tasteful lead guitar. Kathleen plays acoustic guitars on all tracks. I love the raw, but warm to the edge of distortion with the tube preamps at times sound. Edwards vocals are rich and focused, sounding a bit like Sheryl Crowe and Nancy Griffith (depending on the song).

   "Pink Emerson Radio" - A smoker of a ballad that has some guitar, pedal steel like you never heard. Her lyrics are poetic, image provoking, sometimes loosely associated. This gal has all of the goods. Colin Cripps has a guitar style and tone that really adds to every song, yet you can hear the acoustic guitars well. The drums are out front (Joel Anderson).

The album grabs you with "In State" like a ton of bricks, basically "20 years in State would do you good" (you know, the big house).

"Old Times Sake" - A beauty of a mid tempo song that starts out very acoustic and builds with Colin's excellent electric guitar. This gal can write a song that draws you in with great lyrical and musical hooks. 

The artwork is great, shows her sitting in a wheat field on the front with her back to the view, Back To Me. Love the pic on the back, standing in the same field holding a very vintage Les Paul Jr., which I bet she can plain out rip.

"What Are You Waiting For" - An upbeat alt/country rocker with some great slide guitar. I love the way Kathleen hangs on every note. 

"Away" - A beauty with just Kathleen on acoustic guitar and some pedal steel. She is truly a very good acoustic picker on this slow ballad with some very haunting pedal steel in the background. "Memory is a terrible thing when you use it right".

This disc has eleven great songs and there is an intangible about her that makes me like the CD more with each listen. Tonally, Colin has created an alt/country masterpiece and his production style could not fit Kathleen better. Do you like Lucinda Williams, Mindy Smith, Sheryl Crowe or alt/country period, you will love this. 

The album ends with my favorite "Good Things", acoustic buildup, incredible slide and electric guitars. "Good Things come when you stop waiting around". That's All. Back To Me


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