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Keith Urban: Livin’ Right Now
By: George Peden, CSO Staff Journalist

How many times have you done it? You buy a concert DVD, only to become disappointed when the performance doesn’t revisit the CD experience. No such disappointment with Keith Urban’s latest offering. It’s a two-hour concert experience filmed last year over two nights at Los Angles’ Wiltern Theater. And it rocks.

Livin Right Now turns an aural and visual assault cramming 18 tunes, including his six #1 American hits, into a two-hour armchair captivity. Once this Aussie, who now lives in Nashville, plugs in and darts a smile, you don’t want to miss a chord. It’s easy to see how Urban can mesmerise: the cheeky grin, the designer stubble, the faded jeans and T-shirt, all wrapped in the devilish charm of a long-haired guy with a guitar.

Adulation and charisma aside, Urban packs more than just good-looks into his performance arsenal. He can play. When he straps on his guitar, it becomes an extension of him. It locks into his every movement. He caresses, he cajoles, he flits and he flings, and he even at times has a stranglehold on his six-stringed source of fame and sales.

But there’s no myth when it comes to Urban. His popularity -- proven by a tonne of awards, sold out tours, and sales of over 5 million--has been because of dedicated hard work. Inspired by Dire Straits leader Mark Knopfler, and the definitive style of Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, Urban has been on a dedicated path since he picked up his first guitar at age six at home in Caboolture, Queensland, Australia.

Fast forward to 1992. Though successful in a land down under, the constant touring, the struggles for radio recognition and music survival, and a long-held wish to set up home in the most celebrated country music market on earth, had Urban heading for Nashville. He played the sessions, honkytonks, and did the obligatory tip jar gigs, set up contacts, and eventually secured a record deal after years of isolation and rejection. Now fully settled, Urban is sizzling. So a DVD capturing the talent had to be in the plans. Now it’s here.

Country fans are going to spin out on Urban in concert. From the moment he takes to the stage, shadowed by his amplifier stack, he flirts, darts and weaves, pounding his concert with tunes mouthed back in sync by the mainly female audience. That’s not to say guys won’t like this DVD. They will. The music, all hits and some that should have been, has broad appeal. And any wannabee guitar slinger who sees themself on stage could learn a lot about style and audience involvement from Urban.

That involvement becomes a highlight of the DVD, and a credit to the directorial skill of Jim Cable, when Urban, dripping sweat, decides to take off into the audience. Four cameras capture Urban, miked and mobile, as he weaves his way through the auditorium. It’s this fan connection and his onstage humility –- “Thanks to many of you who have travelled a long way to be here tonight, we really appreciate it”—that leaves you thinking this is one genuine, unaffected guy.

This DVD works on many levels. The main one, besides the virtuoso playing of Urban, is that he and his band of tight and seasoned players are having fun. It shows. Whether it be Urban on his back on the stage floor trading riffs with the band, or running the gauntlet of fans throughout the theater, the energy and the playing come glued by laughter, smiles, and the shared satisfaction of loving what you do. Again, it shows.

Complete with a selective photo gallery, bonus tracks and sound check footage all filmed in high definition and with 5.1 Surround Sound, Livin’ Right Now delivers on its promised title.

At the end of this show, one that rolls through the good, better and best of Urban’s career, you’re left, like the performer, satisfied and pleased you came.

Buy The DVD Now!

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Livin' Right Now song list:

1: These Are The Days (Intro)
2: Days Go By 
3: Better Life 
4: Raining On Sunday
5: You Won
6: You’re My Better Half 
7: Black Top
8: Grace Of God 
9: The Hard Way 
10: Making Memories Of Us
11: Jeans On 
12: You’ll Think Of Me 
13: She’s Gotta Be 
14: You Look Good In My Shirt
15: Free Fallin’ 
16: Somebody Like You 
17: Tonight I Wanna Cry
18: Who Wouldn’t Wanna Be Me 
19: These Are The Days 
Bonus Features: 
Audio Track: “Most People I Know (Think That I’m Crazy)
Sound check: 
“You’re Not Alone Tonight”
“Don’t Shut Me Out” 
“Homespun Love” 


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Real People Reviews

Keith Urban is one Fantastic Entertainer. We can see why he was voted "Entertainer of the Year"! From the minute you put this DVD on, you won't want it to end. He has such energy, passion, and builds a strong relationship with the audience. His guitar playing is phenomenal! You will be pleased with this DVD and the talent of Keith and his band members. I can't pick a favorite, as he brings something different to each song. This DVD is a must have for any Keith Urban fan!
~ Cathy W. from NJ

Keith Urban has it all - in spades! He's one of the top axe-men out there today, his golden tenor expresses every emotion in every song, his songwriting appeals to a broad audience with simple but profound themes, and it's all wrapped up in super-sexy package. The "Livin' Right Now" DVD is the perfect example of an artist in top form, but watching it only convinces you further that this is just the beginning for the 2005 CMA Entertainer of the Year. The musical styles on the DVD run the gamut from fun hillbilly twangers to soaring rock anthems, and everything in between. Through it all you will find a guy who doesn't take himself all that seriously. If he did, he wouldn't be nearly as fun to watch. Everything he expresses in every song is straight from his heart. From the simmering bitterness of "You'll Think of Me", to the heartfelt honesty of "Tonight I Wanna Cry", to the unabashed joy of "Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me," nothing about Keith Urban is artificial. His interaction with the crowd is a continuous cycle of pushing each other toward higher levels of excitement throughout the show. When he takes time to chat with the fans between songs, you can feel his sincerity and his gratitude that they are there to enjoy the music WITH him. And enjoy it he does. He has been quoted as saying how much he lives and breathes playing live, and that is exactly what you see on this DVD. Those who have seen him play live can attest to an even greater sense of that.
This DVD is worth the $14.99 at your local discount retailer. It is worth TWICE that amount. Buy it, even if you're not sure you'll like it, and I guarantee you'll like it more than you thought you did. And if you don't want to keep it, it makes an inexpensive Christmas gift! But you WILL want to keep it, and watch it over and over!
~Heather K., Lynchburg, VA

Did I like this CD? No I LOVED THIS CD. He is the best entertainer I have ever seen in country music, history in the making should be the new title to his next CD. The energy is seductive and sexy .The more he gets into the better I feel. Call it therapy... He makes you want to sing, dance and cry but mostly smile. Please tell him how loved he is and never stop! 
~ Happy in Ohio xoxoxo Debi

Fantastic, seems I was there with him while performing. Very lively honest concert. Can't help playing it over and over again especially the YOU WON episode and Free Fallin, don't get me wrong all of his songs are fantastically sung beautifully, especially all his #1. Good job Keith, hooray!
~ Nenita 

If you don't own it get up right now and go buy it. The guitar solos are amazing, the way he makes love to the music definitely proves music is first and only true love. "Raining on Sunday" is one song that shows it all the way!!!! 
~ Petra - Roswell, Ga. 

I so so so love this DVD. I am a 66 year old female and I think Keith is the best thing since Elvis. The energy and talent by Keith and his band members is spectacular and boy are they having fun. Love it,
~ Min

Keith is so high energetic singer and musician. His DVD is fantastic. No one on earth can be in his position or equal 
his talent. He is the best, fantastic. Go Keith!
Nenita H.

This DVD is outstanding!!! I can’t get enough of it!! I purchased the DVD the day it came out and have watched it just about every day since. Keith has a way that just mesmerizes you! You are totally under his spell the minute he hits the first note! He and his band are perfect together. I admit Keith is a hot looking guy, but oh my, when he sings and plays that guitar you forget his looks and realize what an outstanding entertainer and musician he is. 
I highly recommend this DVD!! The best money I’ve spent in a while.
~ Gloria

I think the new Keith Urban album is nothing less than amazing I LOVE HIM he is talented deep and absolutely beautiful I AM HIS BIGGEST FAN!!!!! Keep up the great work Keith a fan always and forever!!! XOXOXOXOX
~ Ashley C. - Shelby, NC


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