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Laura Cantrell - The Hello Recordings
CD Review by Jim Moulton

Laura Cantrell has released two CDs on Diesel Only Records. I had the pleasure of reviewing her last disc When The Roses Bloom Again which was a mixture of country rock, alt/country and mountain music. It produced a European Hit "It's Too Late For Tonight", a country rock song which was my fave. Right now Laura is working on a new disc for Matador Records.

Laura spent a great amount of time in 2003 on the road opening for Elvis Costello. Laura has a sweet, almost Carter family type voice, which comes out in the songs on this old timey sounding five song EP. Originally this was a demo she released in the mid nineties. This disc was recorded and produced by John Flansburgh. Laura tells the story of how the disc was recorded in an apartment studio in Brooklyn with ADAT recorders and an old mixer. Interesting liner notes. 

Laura also is a DJ for a show called The Radio Thrift Shop on WFMU in NYC. The last track on the EP was recorded from a live radio broadcast. The disc was originally released in 1996 for the "Hello CD of The Month Club", all songs written by Laura. 

This is a good quality recording with the vibe of a Carter Family Recording. Great idea to re-release it. Some great backup vocals on the disc by Robin Goldwasser. The recording is mixed well, full of guitar, bass, mandolin, lap steel, autoharp, even some cello. 

"Roll Truck Roll" is an upbeat country/bluegrass song with mandolin, bass, and some snares on drums. Great melody and lyrics by Laura. The song moves really well, Laura sounds great. 

"No Place For Me" is a slow Carter family type song. Laura just sounds great with great cello and autoharp, nice acoustic slide break. 

"Curse Of Hook Mountain" is an old timey mountain song, this is a beauty of a tune with great harmonies. 

Some great artwork, pics of Laura singing in Central Park in 1993,  a must have for Cantrell Fans and a great intro for new fans. Available thru Diesel Only Records. 



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