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Mark Knight - Self-Titled Debut Album
By: Cheryl Harvey Hill, Sr. Staff Journalist

There is something distinctive about Mark Knight's voice but I can't put my finger on exactly what it is; I just know it's unique. His voice is pleasantly familiar while at the same time, he sounds completely different on every song. This is an intriguing dichotomy but one that Knight manages to flawlessly execute when he wraps you up in his smoky, smooth vocals like he was your Granny's favorite old afghan and leaves you feeling like you've just been lovingly hugged by Granny, herself. This ruggedly handsome father of seven ... yep, seven (this clearly runs in his family since he is one of nine siblings) ... is promoted by a music company whose motto is, "Where music still has a heart and a soul" and after you've listened to this album, you fully understand how appropriate that motto is for this particular artist. 

His bio says he revels in the simple life of his family home in rural Maine and he says, "It is the perfect place to connect with my country roots." As a native of New England, Knight's album definitely verifies that statement and it also makes clear, once again, that country music has little to do with location. The song selection is a classic country delight and includes clever story songs strategically placed among the feel-good, boot scooters. Knight dispenses the vocals somewhere in an enjoyable range between George Strait and George Jones on every song, with perfect country diction and energy. There is much to like on this album but that really isn't surprising when you read the liner notes and see that Kenny Chesney and Bob DiPiero are among the impressive list of songwriters who contributed songs for this project.

In the honky tonk two-stepper, "Dow Jones," when Knight sings "I'll take George Jones over Dow Jones any day," you believe him because you can hear in his voice that he's just having too much fun singing that song to be insincere. "She Wants Me to Stay (Stay Gone)" was one of my favorite songs from David Kersh's debut album but Knight's version of this Ronnie Dunn/Dean Dillon song is equally enjoyable. He says he was "raised on country classics" and his choice of songs reflects that. Much to my delight, there wasn't a blind-siding pop/rock tune ambush on the entire album.

On the dramatic heart-tugger, "Pieces of You" (written by Max D. Barnes and Skip Ewing), Knight demonstrates just how comfortable he is in the country boots he wears and gives nary a hint to being a native of Maine nor is there a clue, any where on this album, that would reveal that the gentle chanteuse who is capable of mesmerizing you with his voice, has a less than gentle occupational past. I'm not going to be a spoil sport here and tell you what it is. I'll let you discover that bit of interesting information on your own. I will tell you that when reflecting on that time in his life, Knight is fond of saying "You could say that all those years my motto was "search and destroy" now my life is "search and enjoy."

Enjoy is the perfect synonym for this album. This is classic country from start to finish with the emphasis on class. Flawless vocals, perfect instrumentals and enough ambiance to make you feel like you just gulped down an authentic "boiler maker" at your local honky tonk. On a scale of one to ten; this one is an eleven.


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Real People Reviews

In reading the real peoples reviews on my new CD Mark Knight, I couldn't help but feel that as an artist I sure would like to review them as fans. You all are great, and thanks so much for the kind words. That's what makes country music fans the best in the world and from the bottom of my heart, thank you all. I couldn't do it with out you.

Mark Knight

Mark Knight has a voice that can make you cry! He is a blend of every successful country singer out there, with his own personal sound and flare. I fully expect to see him competing with the "big guys", and landing a spot on the CMA awards someday. It wont take long with a voice like that!
~Lee - Kansas City

I purchased Mark's CD recently at a show he headlined in Waterville Maine. The performance was great, as is the CD. I love the traditional country music, and his CD is packed with it from start to finish. Keep up the great work Mark, and I look forward to your next album.
~Lisa C. - Dixmont, Maine

I have been a Country Western fan for over 40 years and have heard a lot C/W music, but feel that this guy is as good as it gets!! Best of Luck to MARK.
~Steve from Massachusetts

Are you sure you're not from here?? It sure sounds like it. Great vocals, great CD, great presence; keep up the great work.
~WRK, Perkinston, Mississippi

What a great performer.  I have Mark Knight's CD and I play it every day. He is as good as any country western singer I have heard, and better than most. I believe Mark Knight has a great future. 
~Nora from Massachusetts

I agree! This Mark Knight Album is Great, each and every song on the CD which is rare.
~Cindy Y.


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