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Nancy Griffith - Hearts In Mind
CD Review by Jim Moulton

Nanci Griffith has been singing for many a year, getting her start with a couple of Nashville country records many years ago, then leaving to do her more folksy, acoustic type of music. Nanci's sweet Texas voice still sounds as good or better than ever. It has been quite a while since she released a new recording. 

I have listened to this disc for days and can truly say it is a very enjoyable recording with upbeat songs to slow acoustic beauties. The tonal quality is just audiophile. Lots of great acoustic guitar pickin'. A mixture of her own songs and other writers. Recorded by John Hurley at Universal Music and mastered by Jim Demain of Yes Master (great, warm analog sound). As I sit here at three in the morning listening to this, it's hard to focus on writing, listening to these great songs through my Grados. We have fourteen songs here, but no throwaways.

I'm listening to "Back When Ted Loved Sylvia", an awesome ballad that is haunting with great vocals and background strings. 

"Our Very Own"(Bonus track) with Nanci and Keith Carradine singing together is an upbeat song with some great fretless bass, blues harp, pristine pickin', a very cerebral song with great lyrics,

"We Don't Live On Easy Street, But It's Home". Nanci is fifty something now, but she still is a beautiful gal, both in looks and spirit.

"Rise To The Occasion" is another acoustic beauty, with some pedal steel, guest vocalist Mac McNally sharing vocals with Nanci. This song sends chills thru me. 

"Before" is another great acoustic country ballad with some sweet dobro and fiddle. 

Nanci has an anti-war theme running thru the disc "Before" - "Before The War". I give Nanci a lot of credit, instead of trashing politicians and her country, she sings about the ugliness of war and the beauty of life.

"Mountain Of Sorrow" is a song written by Julie Gold. Really sad song, it's about 9/11. Julie tells about someone knocking on her door that gruesome morning and looking at the Twin Towers burning. Nanci called her to invite her to do a benefit and asked her if she had written any new songs. Julie said no. She sat down at her piano and started singing "Easy Come, Easy Go, Anything But Easy Though."

On the upbeat side "Last Train Home" is an upbeat Texas country honky tonker (acoustic style), great backup vocals.

Hate to say say this, but running out of paper, but another upbeat song is a great tune with Jimmy Buffett, "I Love This Town", actually a bit of humor and some great electric guitar riffs. (Writer Clive Gregson) says this song is about any town you don't want to live in. Great melody and melodic hooks, this moves really well.

 I only mentioned half of the tracks, left out a couple of my favorites, but I think by now you get the gist about what I think about this disc and what it's like. That's all I set out to do. 

Go visit Nanci at www.NanciGriffith.com 

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Real People Reviews

My husband has been a fan of Nancy's for quite some time. We saw her in Goshen, IN Friday night.  The best performance I have ever seen.  She and the band were very enjoyable.  And her voice, we just can't get over how beautiful she is live.  I haven't listened to anything else but her music since Friday!!!  And a wonderful personality.  Makes a person envious!  I loved hearing about how her songs came about.  Hoping she comes to our area again!


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