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Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Acoustic (Remastered)
By Jim Moulton

Legendary roots band, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, have had their 1994 disc Acoustic remastered and reissued by Capitol Records.

The original CD was mixed by up and coming Nashville producer Justin Niebank who also remixed the great song "Bless The Broken Road" for this reissue. Final Stage Mastering - Randy Leroy did a great job of the remastering this disc which sounds very good, the acoustic instruments have a shimmering quality to them and there is just overall a rich, smooth texture to the recording.

NGDB are Jeff Hanna - guitars/vocals, Jimmie Fadden - drums/harmonica/vocals, Jimmy Ibotson - guitars/mandolin/bass/vocals, and Bob Carpenter - keyboards/accordion and vocals.

This disc was inspired by the four band members sitting around a hotel room and sharing tunes with each other. Their label let them do what they wanted, which was a very "back to basics" acoustic CD in a Denver, Colorado studio.

Standout tracks include; "Bless The Broken Road" done with great vocals, piano and harmonica. A great slow ballad with very good lyrics. Many years later, Rascal Flatts had a big hit with this song. This version is very good and has a more rootsy feel to it.

"Cupid's Got A Gun" is an acoustic song with great pickin' mandolin and harmonies. Nice percussion. Love the washboard.

"Sara In The Summer" - is an upbeat acoustic tune with great vocal harmonies. The instruments sparkle and are in a real groove. Nice vocal and instrumental hooks, great bridge.

"Let It Roll" really shows their instrumental talents at the top of their game. Real nice lyrics.

"Badlands" is a story song with just great acoustic sound, great drums and some real interesting production.

This is a great introduction for those who are not familiar with this historic innovative band or for someone who wants to catch their sound at a time in their career where they are definitely soaring.

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