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Patty Loveless - Dreamin' My Dreams 
CD Review by Jim Moulton

It is hard to believe that Patty Loveless has been in this business for almost 20 years. Loveless in her early years lived the rough country life she now sings about. Interesting note, Patty's last three recordings have all been very traditional, enough to keep most of the music off country radio. 

The first single slated from this album is a Richard Thompson song "Keep Your Distance" which starts out the CD. Very upbeat song with some great hooks and melody. Nice background vocals by Harry Stinson and some very kickin' country fiddle and Albert Lee on lead guitar.

There is a lot to talk about with this recording. Really, very good material, great musicians, oh, just lots. Emory Gordy Jr is back at the boards as producer, but bringing in help this time from a rootsy, cutting edge recording engineer named Justin Niebank to co-produce a disc that is incredibly rich sounding and creative. Emory also plays bass on half the disc as he has been known to do and also adds some very nice acoustic guitar in the acoustic tracks. Jim Domain of Yes Master puts the final tweaks mastering this gem.

Loveless really sounds as good or better than ever vocally and she really seems to having fun doing it. She really sounds happy singing these traditional country and mountain hillbilly songs. She is even heard laughing at the end of one track.
A very interesting and good collection of musicians. Albert Lee returns to the studio for the first time in a while to play some great lead guitar. Biff Watson on acoustic rhythm guitar. Byron Sutton on some acoustic guitar and banjo. Rob Ickes on dobro. Stuart Duncan on fiddle. Russ Pahl on steel. Lee Roy Parnell on lap steel. Barry Bales on upright bass.

About half of the twelve tracks are electric honky tonk country and the other half are pure acoustic old timey country and bluegrass. Oh yeah, no strings, no synths, just good old time country music. Justin Niebank really puts his stamp on the CD. It has a very texturally different feel than her last disc On Your Way Home

Let's talk about some of these songs; 

The title track "Dreamin' My Dreams" (Reynolds) is just a gut-wrencher with Patty singing from her heart. Patty first heard Waylon Jennings sing this. She said it seemed he put so little in to it, but the lyrics floored her. She more than does the song justice, really great lyrics. Sweet fiddle by Stuart Duncan and Biff Watson is just the consummate Nashville rhythm guitarist.

I just love "When Being Who You Are Is Not Enough"(Lauderdale/Satcher), this song starts out with just a fiddle note, then mandolin, and acoustic guitar coming in one upon each other to build the right moment for Patty to delicately sing her emotions out. Emmy Lou Harris sings the harmony line which is lower than Patty's melody. The result is just plain moving, with twin fiddles and dobro letting the vocals carry this song. I first heard Maura O'Connell sing this which was very moving, hearing Patty and Emmy Lou sing this haunting melody is rhapsody.

Another great (Lauderdale/Satcher) song is "Everything But The Words" - This is a slow acoustic heart tugger just oozing with emotion. The instruments give a perfect background for Loveless's vocals. 

"Never Ending Song Of Love" - a light upbeat duet with Dwight Yoakam that is just a great upbeat fun song to take away some of the tension of the sad tunes. Great dobro and fiddle interplay. Emory Gordy plays some great acoustic guitar on this song. 

"Big Chance" (Loveless/Gordy) - a great bluegrass , mountain song where Patty is just havin' a ball with some great bluegrass music to go along with the vocals. Byron Sutton plays some great banjo. 

I'd be amiss if I didn't mention the very good "Nobody Here By That Name" (Arata/Wasner). A slow ballad written by Tony Arata who wrote her big hit "Here I Am" from When Fallen Angels Fly (CMA Album Of The Year-1994).

Well, I think you have a good idea of what to expect, you might like the other six songs better, the whole CD is good in this reviewer's opinion and remember not to pull it out too quick cause there's a couple of real hidden tracks. Street Date 9/13/05. 


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