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Rhonda Vincent and the Rage - Ragin' Live  
CD Review: Jim Moulton

Rhonda Vincent has come out with her first live CD/DVD. Recorded live at the Sheldon Concert Hall in her home state of Missouri. Differing from most live discs, Rhonda introduces eight new songs out of the twenty song set. I have had the good fortune of reviewing Rhonda's last two albums, especially liked her 03' release "One Step Ahead", which was a great selection of songs, but done with hired gun studio musicians and not her own band.
As I share my thoughts with you, please note, I don't think verbally I am going to be able to do this album justice, it's just in it's own class.

This probably the best CD that I have reviewed period. All I have done is listen to it in awe for the last few days. So much,  a pristine recording, stunning performance, beautiful harmonies, great fiddle, mandolin, guitar and banjo and just the overall warmth of the recording. 

It is so nice to hear the gifted and beautiful Rhonda announcing the songs, the crowd reactions, She should definitely consider taking the Rage (her band) into the studio with her next CD that she records. There are some guests, Cody Kilby on guitar, BJ and Mollie Cherryholmes on fiddle, her daughter Sally on vocals on one song. If you get the DVD, you get some bonus stuff, besides this great concert.

Rhonda and The Rage plough into the show with the upbeat "Kentucky Borderline", from her last disc. She sings my favorite song from her last disc "Missouri Moon", which also wins honors for my favorite on this disc, beauty of a haunting ballad that just sends chills thru me with the emotion and delivery of this song.

First new song, "Me Too" is a banjo picker's delight instrumental piece with some great fiddle too. Rhonda does a great cover of Dolly Parton's "Jolene", some really great banjo and fiddle. This is bluegrass at it's best, also some very interesting guitar work.

A lot of what makes this disc great is the tightness of Rhonda's band, they play with joy and one mind, no ego's, they are a team. Bassist Mickey Harris sings one of the new tunes "Heartbreakin' Old Achin' Blues", great mid-tempo bluegrass with an example of how well they know each other musically. Another newbie is a very upbeat instrumental bluegrass kicker called "Road Rage" which just brings the house down, just incredible mandolin pickin', fiddle, the best acoustic guitar solo on the CD. 

Probably the best two new songs are "I've Forgotten You", the first Single, a beauty of an acoustic country song with incredible vocal harmonies. Great melody and mandolin hooks. My favorite new song is another slow paced beauty called "Ghost Of A Chance" with two fiddles and a cello filling out the mix. Rhonda's beautiful vocals articulate another song which sends chills thru me with the richness of the vocal harmonies and great lyrics to boot. The acoustic guitar tone is so rich, the mix so perfect.

OK, I'll mention one more, can't tell you everything, "The Last Best Place" is an awesome slow Christian bluegrass song which is incredible, great lyrics and vocals. It really does not get much better than this. Street date March 8, 05. 

Visit Rhonda at www.rhondavincent.com

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Real People Reviews

The song "I Forgotten You", is the best song I have heard all year long, I love the music to it also, you keep up with the good songs like that and you will go far in life.
~ Sacha

I LOVE it ! The RAGIN LIVE CD/DVD is a must have for your collection! The CD/DVD is so refreshing and soulful!
~ Susan 

Just bought the Ragin' Live CD and loved it, some oldies are always good but some of the new ones are really good. Rhonda shows her link to c&w with "Ghost Of A Chance" and "I've Forgotten You" GO RHONDA! Looking forward to some videos from these songs.
~ Larry Crozier

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