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Rhonda Vincent - Written In The Stars ( Reissue )
By Jim Moulton

This CD was originally released on Giant Records in 1993. It is the only country album that Rhonda Vincent ever did. Koch records re-released it this summer and I am glad that they did. It was worth the trouble I went thru to get it, thanks to the good folks at Koch Records (who just recently closed their Nashville doors).

This CD has a real Nashville sound to it with a bit of a retro touch, but a very modern recording. First class project through and through and produced by Garth Fundus. All star cast of musicians, partial list includes; Drums/Eddie Bayers, Bass/Glenn Worf, Acoustic guitar/Mark Casstevens, Piano/Matt Rollings, Pedal steel/Dan Dugmore, Fiddle/Stuart Duncan, Mandolin/Duncan and Rhonda Vincent, Dobro/Weldon Myrick and Darrin and Rhonda Vincent on backup vocals. Recorded at Quad Studios and Sound Stage Studios. Mastered by Glenn Meadows of Masterfonics. No need for remastering, manufactured by Rhino records to keep integrity of original recording.

A mixture of acoustic and electric country songs. Could have been the era, just seems to have a bit too much reverb, with modern techniques today, it is more subtle. Vincent's vocals are superb and she sounds at home with this top notch studio band.

"Passin' Of the Train" - An awesome upbeat honky tonkin', two stepper with just incredible musicianship of all players and Vincent singing great lyrics.

"I Do My Cryin' at Night" - A great song by Lefty Frizzell with great pedal steel, jazzy guitar break and incredible fiddle.

"I'm Not Over You" - A great heartbreak song. "I'm not over you, the storm still rages--", Vincent is nailing these old timey songs and the band really is in the groove.

I have followed Vincent for her last three releases and have always loved her. This is just icing on the cake, a cameo into another world. I do not understand the lack of acknowledgment of this re-release, her publicist was not aware of it. Koch Records promoted it. Rhonda is not selling it on her website store. It surely isn't anything you would want to hide.

"What Else Could I Do" is - An upbeat number that opens the disc, great piano by Rollings, more old fashioned steel by Dugmore. Overall, just real crisp sound, Bayers as always, great on the drums.

"Written In the Stars" - The title track is a great slow ballad. Great guitar break by Mason. Another great song with lots of great musical hooks and great lyrics. A really nice bridge in the song.

"Mama Knows the Highway" - Now you can hear bluegrass with some great acoustic pickin', some incredible Dobro, great vocals. Some nice mandolin and great interplay between the musicians, very creative.

Beautiful pic of Vincent on the cover. If you can not appreciate this, go listen to Big and Rich, and all of the New Nashville rock sound. No hype here, just great country music. Not available in any store that I saw, lots of places sell it on the web.

Buy It Now!

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