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Rosanne Cash - Seven Year Ache (Expanded Reissue) 
CD Review by Jim Moulton

This is Rosanne's first Album, produced by husband Rodney Crowell and it exudes memories of Emmy Lou Harris and early Linda Ronstadt. The title track is probably her career song, a huge crossover hit, a self written song that is emotive, yet so full of musical hooks and a great underlying melody and chorus. This disc has the original version plus a bonus live version that sounds great too, recorded live about ten years later.

There is so much to love about this record, people say that her first three records chronicle her relationship, marriage and divorce with Rodney Crowell. It is a musical masterpiece, with basically the "Cherry Bombs" (Rodney Crowell's backup band) playing on every track. This same bunch backed up Emmy Lou Harris a lot too. Emory Gordy on Bass (Present Nashville Producer and hubby of Patty Loveless), Larrie Londin on drums (Elvis), Tony Brown on keyboards (Elvis, Nashville Producer, Head Of Universal South), Hank Devito - guitar and pedal steel (Hot Band alumni), Albert lee - Lead Guitar (One Of The Best), plus many guest vocalists and musicians. 

"My Baby Thinks He's A Train" (Preston) - An upbeat country rocker that really moves, great lead by Albert Lee and Hank Devito provides some awesome rhythm guitar.

"Blue Moon With Heartache" (Rosanne Cash) - A beautiful heartbreak ballad, Emory Gordy (String Arrangements), Devito (Pedal Steel) - this is beautiful true country music with a modern touch. Some great lead guitar by Jerry McGee, great chorus.

"What Kinda Girl" (Forbert) - A country rocker with some real magic on slide by Devito. Emory Gordy lays down some solid bass lines and Albert Lee takes off on lead guitar. Love the country lyrics. Real live sound. 

"You Don't Have Very Far To Go" (Haggard/Simpson) - Great country ballad with beautiful backup vocals by Rosemary Butler and Ricky Scaggs. The acoustic guitars sound nice in the mix with some nice harmonica.

Can I say some more about "Seven Year Ache", Hank Devito at his best on Steel and Larry Londin adds a great drum track. The original record ends with a beautiful smoky sounding song with Phil Kenzie on sax, awesome backup vocals on "Can't Resist" (Devito/Crowell). 

Kudos to Joseph Palmaccio of Sony Music for a great mastering job. Columbia/Legacy will be releasing expanded editions of Rosanne's first three records in September. "Seven Year Ache", "King's Record Shop" and "Interiors".
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