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Shelby Lynne - Suit Yourself
CD Review by Jim Moulton

Shelby recorded all of the vocals and guitar tracks on her last CD "Identity Crisis" in her own home on her vintage analog Studer equipment. This disc takes off where the Crisis left us. She records stuff on half the tracks on her home equipment, but brings in more musicians to help out with other instruments and make it a fuller recording, but with the same warm intimate live sound. Shelby is every bit as good a producer as she is a singer-songwriter. She does pop in a cover or two here. Tonally, the acoustic guitar sound is as warm as I've heard and what I would aim for, it's just full and lush. There is some banter with her band members, but more importantly, the musical interaction with them is incredible. Shelby sings with emotion and uses the stereo field in a real creative way, lots of the backup vocals are herself. 

"I Cry Everyday" - Delightful with some handclap percussion, a deep sigh in the middle of the song, nice B3, drums, bass.

"Old times Sake" - A slow rootsy song with some incredible pedal steel. Real intimate coffeehouse vibe, Shelby's voice never sounded so sweet and rich. Sparsely recorded, but every instrument wastes not a riff or note. Such great musical interaction and such a groove. Incredible jam fadeout.

"I Won't Die Alone" - Picks up the pace, acoustic vibe all the way, great lyrics. Some really great, mellow electric guitar. Great Mix.

"Johnny Met June" - This song blew me away the first time that I heard it. It's about the Death of the great Johnny Cash and his reunion in Heaven with June. There is an explosive rich acoustic break in the song reminiscent of the Carter Family. Brilliant, honest, organic sounding.

There is a surprise ending to the album with a song called Track 12 (Won't tell you what it is, it's a cover) The song is a stunning seven and a half minute acoustic jam. The lazy pedal steel goes right thru me. Sort of a jazzy, Americana feel, so mellow. The guitars are just plain incredible. Buy the CD for "Johnny Met June" and keep it for Track 12. Suit Yourself.

Street Date 5/24


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