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An Evening with Shelly Fairchild
By Chris Macon

Tuesday, September 29, was a part of Shelly Fairchild’s self-proclaimed “happy time.” With a rising single (“You Don’t Lie Here Anymore”), upcoming album (January’s “Ride”) and video playing on CMT & GAC, things seem to be falling right into place for this girl outta Clinton, Mississippi. And this day, this day was an especially important day in her life – her first ever Los Angeles area showcase for an industry crowd.

I’ve heard it said, over and over again, that showcases are really either hit or miss. Either the artist is ready to break out or they still need some time on the road to find themselves. Shelly Fairchild’s found herself, that’s for sure. She’s full of  life, bursting with energy and clearly into what she does and what she’s singin’ about. Oh, and she’s loud. Her live show is chock full of electric guitars, drums and bass, and so far as this reviewer is concerned - that’s great!

Whatever happened to anger, passion and lust, and songs about cars, bikes and cheatin’ in country music? Well, it got pushed aside for a while, but somewhere among the “I miss you so much,” “I love you so much,” “nothing can ever keep us apart,” slick crap of today, we have Shelly Fairchild. Her music is aggressive, driving and leaves one heck of an impact. She’s got all of the aforementioned missing “bases” covered.

Her set at West Hollywood’s Troubadour began with the swampiest track off of her album, a song called “Down Into Muddy Waters.” Bounding down the stairs, she acted like a seasoned pro – maybe like a less lewd, more country, female Mick Jagger, if you will. After watching her move along to the rhythm, I’m really left with the impression that her attitude is contagious. She made me want to sing and dance, and that my friends is why I love music.

The song that really caught my ear – and there’s always one song that does this – is called “Fear of Flying.” It’s a slower song, and incredibly affecting with lines like “I’ve picked the lock to your heart as if I were trying to break in...”

Another favorite was “Ready to Fall,” a fast paced rocker that’ll be stuck in your head for days. The sultry “Kiss Me,” is one of several tracks off the album that Shelly had a hand in writing, and another keeper. Also included in the show was the oft-covered Zeppelin classic, “Rock & Roll.”

“You Don’t Lie Here Anymore”’ is out on radio now, so run right off and request it. Rarely have I heard an artist with such a great initial effort. Shelly’s a true talent - let’s make sure she stays around.

Special thanks to Mission Management and Sony Nashville for a memorable evening!

Click here to access www.ShellyFairchild.com.

Until next time, hit me on e-mail at herenowcolumn@hotmail.com

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