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Shooter Jennings  
Put The "O" Back In Country
Album Review By: Chris Macon

Truth be told, I couldnít make it through the title track of Shooter Jenningsí Put the ĎOí Back in Country record. I thought, "Oh gosh, donít tell me I have to pan Waylonís sonís debut..." Thankfully, that worry disappeared the moment that "Fourth of July," the recordís second (and strongest) track, kicked through the speakers and rolled on by featuring a more than memorable outro excerpted from George Jonesí timeless "He Stopped Loving Her Today." From that point on, the record never lets up. Itís dirty, itís rough and itís hard. There are songs that ooze with pain and others that leave little doubt as to how heís twice been able to fill in for Axl Rose on-stage with legendary rockers Guns Ďn Roses. 

Another of the many standout tracks is "Busted in Baylor County," a play-by-play of a hilariously twisted and best of all, true-to-life dope smokiní road trip. Following that veritable musical riot is "Sweet Savannah," a flat out gorgeous, acoustic ballad, worth the purchase price alone. "Solid Country Gold," the title of which is a pretty good summation of Jenningsí music, features a nice commentary on the state of Nashville, including some of my favorite lyrics record-wide, "They say country music ainít quite all it used to be / Well, they canít see the country for all the goddamned trees." "Steady at the Wheel" is also worth mentioning, with its southern rock groove. The first time I heard it, I thought "now thatís a song!" Also thought that of "Daddyís Farm," a rich and muddy tale of a murderer making one last stand after catching his girl who was "a Cadillac / long and sleek and dressed in black," "cruising with another dude." We hear a great chase scene in that one - from the house, to the parking lot, to the interstate.

I could go on and on and on, but put it this way, if you dig Cross Canadian Ragweed or anything in the vein of David Allen Coe, ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd or even Kid Rock, then Shooter Jenningsí for you. Heís definitely his fatherís son, but you know what, itís not his shtick and I respect that. He isnít afraid to take chances with his music, which, at least on this record, has allowed him to lay claim to some of the best and edgiest old school lyrics and vibes to come around in years. I tell ya, the boyís making one hell of a fine name for himself, and even though the title track isnít one of my favorites, I will quote something from it to close things up; Iíd just like to say that Shooterís "rolliní like a freight train, cominí straight at you."

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Shooter is the best thing that's happened to Country, Rock, Music and the Industry in years. God Bless him. The business needed a swift kick in the behind and he is just the guy for the job! 
Rock on Shooter

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