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An Interview with Todd Fritsch
By CSO French Contributing Journalist, Hélène Dagorn.

HD :Could you introduce yourself for the readers ?

TF : Sure can... hello there, I'm Todd Fritsch from Willow Springs, Texas.

HD : Could you talk about your most recent album, TODD FRITSCH, which is your third album? 

TF : This is the CD that I think defines who I am as an artist, and says what I want to say. The other two we're really just warm ups for what is happening now. My producer and friend, Doug Deforest and I put a lot of thought into assembling this CD, and really worked hard to find just the right songs. The result you are hearing is the CD that I truly wanted to have, with no apologies.

HD : Which song in it is your favorite?

TF : Right now there are two. My current single is "Small Town Radio" and my next single is "I Forgot That I Don't Live Here Anymore." 
Love both of ‘em.

HD : How do you choose a song for an album ? and why did you choose “Mexico” ?

TF : My Producer and I were just sitting around in the studio discussing what a great song this was, and Doug said he had always wanted to cut it on somebody. I was amazed, because I always perform this song in my live shows. So he just told the engineer to roll tape, and we did it without even using charts. It was just one of those moments, you know? As for the others, I listen to the demos over and over, as does my producer. We made our own lists, then got together to see if we were on the same page. If we were, then those songs definitely make the cut.

HD : Where does your inspiration come from ?

TF : My cowboy roots have a lot to do with it. Working on a ranch from the time I could walk makes me country to the core. I always loved singing, so it all kind of works hand in hand to a country music career.

HD : What are your musical influences ?

TF : Easy question to answer. Merle Haggard, George Strait (his early stuff is best), Eddie Raven and Garth. I also like some artists a lot of people never heard of, like Brian Burns.

HD : You are a real-world cowboy , when did you decide to begin a musical career ?

TF : I started out in high school singing at FFA (Future Farmers of America) talent shows and some with my sister, who has always sung and played piano. I really kind of got the bug back then, and have been gradually growing in the business ever since. 

HD : What is the most difficult, to be a cowboy or a singer ?

TF : If you saw my schedule, you would know both are very hard. Being a cowboy is very physical and time consuming. The music business is time consuming and very mentally challenging. It all keeps me on my toes!

HD : I know you’re going to Germany in February, is it your first time in Europe ?

TF : It's my first time across that much water to go anywhere! LOL
Until last year, I hadn't even flown much. I am so excited about bringing my music to Germany. And, with a name like Fritsch, I might even meet some unknown relatives.

HD : I understand that you will be coming to France as well in February- where will you be performing?

TF : So far, the only date I know for sure is Feb. 10th at Euro-Disney. But watch my website, as that list will grow.

HD : What do you prefer: singing, writing, performing ?

TF : I guess writing is the most rewarding long term, because it is a permanent record of your thoughts. But all are fun!

HD : How do you define the kind of music you play ?

TF : Country, country and more country! I live and breath real country music, and always plan to record as much of the real thing as possible.

HD : What are your feeling about today’s music industry ?

TF : I respect all entertainers for what they are trying to do. Country music is full of all different types of music. All that said, I wish that country music would pay more attention to the guys that brought us young guys and girls here in the first place. People like Merle Haggard are being ignored by radio in the U.S., and I personally think that is a crime.

HD : Which image do you have about Country Music in Europe ?

TF : Everyone tells me to get ready, because ya'll know how to party country style! I have heard the fans are unbelievable over there, and I can't wait till we get to meet them. I have heard that Europe has the most loyal fans in the world too.

HD : What do you do when you have time off ?

TF : Not meaning to sound weird, but I don't have any time off. Ranching and music are full time jobs, so really there is no "me" time to have.

HD : What is your personal philosophy ?

TF : My dad taught me that hard work was all you can count on for success. So I guess it would be work hard, and good things will come your way.

HD : What would you like to do in your life that you have never done ?

TF : I'll have to get back to you on that. I have no clue.

HD : What will be your plans for next months ?

TF : Just touring the radio stations, performing and traveling all across the U.S., then coming to Europe in February. That is enough to keep me excited!

HD : Is there anything else we did not cover that you would like to talk about ?

TF : Just to tell all my fans, old and new, to go to the website at www.toddfritsch.com and let me know what you think of my music. I would be nowhere without you. And thanks to you Helene for allowing me this time in your publication.

Hélène Dagorn - helene.dagorn@club-internet.fr 


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