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The Wilkinsons - Highway
Review By: Chris Macon

Highway, to be honest, is a disappointing stateside follow-up to 2000ís Here & Now (no relation). Whereas that album was consistently mature and lyrically strong, Highway succeeds in those departments only once or twice. Itís not a bad record by any means, but itís lacking a personality of itís own. The first single, "L.A." and the song that followed it on Canadian radio, "Little Girl" try too hard to edgy and fresh. Lyrics like "donít tell me life is hard / so what? / cool beans" prevent the latter from delivering a real message of female empowerment. "Leaviní Song" is also ruined by the addition of wannabe-hipster diction in the chorus. Were it not for "goodbye / adios," it would be utterly beautiful. There are a couple of winners here, though, especially on the recordís slower moments - "Meloncholy Wine" and "One Blue Day." Both are thoughtful and more like the Wilkinsons I know and love. The title track is another great offering by Steve Wilkinson. And, if only more of the album could have been like "No Oneís Gonna." Thatís a real treat, convienantly located at track seven - the halfway point. Itís got a good sound, nice lyrics and a sweet delivery vocal from Amanda Wilkinson. All in all... eh. (2 out of 4 stars)

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