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Allison Moorer - Getting Somewhere
Review By Jim Moulton, CSO Staff Journalist

This is Allison Moorer's second CD with Sugar Hill Records. Between Moorer and her sister Shelby Lynne, you never know what to expect. "Duel", her first CD with Sugar Hill was like a grunge rock CD, with a rockin' Neil Young Type sound. It was sort of pointless to me. This Album she picks up Steve Earle to produce for the first time. "I didn't worry about who was going to like it or what was expected of me" says Moorer. 

This is ten short songs, total time, about thirty minutes. Don't worry, this is the best stuff that she has done in a while. It's a lyrical masterpiece painted on an aural canvas. Recorded by Ray Kennedy and mastered by Jim Demain. Drums/Brady Blade, Guitars,Moog/Steve Earle, Bass/Brad Jones, Vocals, Guitar, backup vocals, tambourine/Allison Moorer.

Overall, this is a rock album with pop leanings. What is inspiring is the lyrics and change of attitude. A lean recording with more hard rock guitar. Moorer's warm vocals rule above everything in the mix. The bass and drums are great. Lancio is a master rock guitarist.

It is so refreshing to hear Moorer singing about a new personal faith with lyrics about her faith popping up everywhere. Moorer is so comfortable, sounds like a live recording. Ray Kennedy's "Room and Board" Studio in Hermitage TN. is familiar to me from indie recordings over the years. There is some great use of strings on a couple of acoustic beauties.

"Where You Are" - is an acoustic song with strings, great acoustic guitar and Moorer herself backing herself up vocally sounds great. "I will calm all your fears, I will dry all your tears". This is a sweet ballad that resonates thru your being, all material written by Moorer as usual.

"If It's Just For Today" - has a very catchy melody, some odd background vocals by Earle, a very pop sounding song with some horns, great fast rhythm guitar part. "And I thank heaven for its blessen' ".

"Getting Somewhere" - is an upbeat rocker, title track, "I close my eyes and whisper a prayer, I have to believe I'm getting somewhere." There are references to hymns thru out the song.

"Hallelujah" - is a slow paced rock ballad "Wings are hard to find, thank God I found mine in time." Real nice electric lead guitar and acoustic rhythm guitar. Some beautiful electric guitar fades.

"Fair Weather" has a neat a cappella harmony beginning with herself. Upbeat rocker with some just uncanny great harmony vocals. Drums really stand out here. Earle's Moog track sounds like a lead guitar part. Really good guitar solo by Lancio.

Beautiful artwork, Moorer looks more refreshed and beautiful than ever. Looking for an inspired disc, with one of today's best female vocalists, check this out.

Imprint - Sugar Hill
Street Date - 6/13/06

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