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Amanda Wilson - Small Town Girl 
By: Jim Weaver,
Editor In Chief

Amanda Wilson's new CD titled Small Town Girl is finally ready! To make a long story short, Amanda had a development deal with a major label a few years back, but, as happens for many young artists, this one didn't work out as planned, so she opted out. Wilson gathered it all together, broke away clean and started over with new material and a new resolve. Granted it has taken a while, but for you and I, well worth the wait. Small Town Girl is the culmination of an amazing journey of growth and maturity and you can hear it in her voice, her attitude and above all, in her music. 

Amanda's story is pretty much the same as a lot of country singers, grew up in musical family, sang in church, hooked on music early on in life, what sets her apart is her wining personality and an honest love of what she does. 

When I first cue up a new CD I try to clear my head of any preconceptions about the artist or music of their past, not always an easy thing to do depending on the artist, and I will admit to having some high expectations for Ms. Wilson since I've known her manager Buddy Carpenter for quite a while... I'll be danged if she didn't hit the mark. I love this CD, all the songs are good and several are really, really good. Some of my favorites include "I Get Carried Away", the Amanda penned "If It Were Only That Easy",  "The Chance" and "What's Wrong With You".

Bottom line, I really like this CD, go to her website listed below and give the samples a listen, I think you might like it too.

Speaking of being from a musical family, while you're surfing around check out her big brother's music, Steven Neil Wilson.

Looks, talent, personality, Amanda Wilson... what's not to love!


Click on the CD cover to order yours!

1. I Get Carried Away 
2. Small Town Girl 
3. If It Were Only That Easy 
4. The Chance 
5. Hands On You 
6. What's Wrong With You
7. Heaven On Earth Down Here 
8. This Town 
9. Hurts Don't It 
10. Something 
11. Who Will The Next Fool Be 
12. The Fire 

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Amanda Wilson, is on the road to success, her self title album has a regular rotation on our network, Radio F.M. country 97.4 FM 24hr Network. 
~ Dave Peters - Star Rating 4 1/2 star


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