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Ashley Gearing - Maybe It's Time 
By: Jim Weaver,
Editor In Chief

We here at CSO get so many Indie CDs sent to us all the time it's unreal. Some of them are good, some are really bad, most lie somewhere in between. But every now and then I get one in the mail that I've actually been looking forward to hearing, and this one did not disappoint.  

Ashley Gearing is back with a terrific new CD titled Maybe It's Time, and look what happened... she grew up! OK, technically she's not an "adult" yet, but the little girl is gone and an extremely talented young woman has emerged.

The last time we heard from Gearing, her song, "Can You Hear Me When I Talk To You", made chart history in 2003 by making her the youngest person to ever chart a song at the ripe old age of 12.  The album that we all wanted to hear when she was under the wing of Disney never materialized but hey, past is past, now is now, and the future is wide open for young Ashley Gearing.

Before we get into this new CD I have to share a little story with you; As I get older, and for some reason more sentimental, I've noticed there are some songs that I just can't listen too without getting a little choked up, "Can You Hear Me When I Talk To You" was one of those songs. When the song charted back in 2003 I was working as a country music radio jock at ABC Radio Networks in Dallas... If this particular song came up in rotation and I had to talk after it, I would move the song to a position that I didn't have to talk after because that stupid lump wouldn't let me do it. The other day before I got the new CD, I was listening to some of the music on Ashley's MySpace site and there was that song again! And yes, it happened again, big lump... silly eh? I don't know how artists sing some of these songs without breaking down in the middle of it. There's something to the old "tear in your beer" saying in country music isn't there.

On to the album, I was just looking over the CD liner notes and reading who wrote the songs and suddenly it struck me, now I know why these songs are so good... look at the talent that wrote them! Stephanie Bentley, Victoria Shaw, Brett James, Rebecca Lynn Howard, Marty Dodson and many more, it's like Who's Who of Hitmakers! Then you add the natural talent and ability of Ashley to deliver this primo material, no wonder this album is so good!

Ms. Gearing had a hand in writing the last cut on this CD titled "Maybe It's Just The Moon", it just happens to be be one of my favs, and I expect we'll see a lot more of that "writing thing" in the many years of music to come out of this young lady. She also does a really nice job of covering Bobbie Gentry's "Ode To Billy Joe". Out of the remaining 9 cuts on this CD, some of thos e that jumped off the disc at me include; "Back To Blue", "Sunday Paper",  "I Found It In You" and "Don't It Feel Good".

Bottom line, a sonic bargain at twice the price.

To purchase the CD online click on the album cover.
1. I Found It In You 
2. Too Bad You're No Good 
3. Love Has a Life of its Own 
4. Maybe It's Time 
5. Out There Somewhere 
6. Ode to Billy Joe
7. Sunday Paper 
8. Back To Blue 
9 .Don't It Feel Good 
10. Girls 
11. Maybe It's Just The Moon 

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