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Bobby Cage - Wrong Side Of Love 
By: Jim Weaver,
Editor In Chief

Bobby Cage is one of those artists that hasn't caught his big break yet but I think he will one of these days, in the mean time, Bobby is deserving of some recognition of his last album titled Wrong Side of Love. This CD came out in 2004 so we're a little late on this review but, as I like to say, better late than never. Actually, I've had this album on my desk for months and just now am I getting around to giving it a listen... my apologies Bobby.

Cage has spent a lot of time, money and experience in the creation of Wrong Side Of Love, and it shows. This CD is head and shoulders above his first offering both in song and technical quality. Bobby wrote or co-wrote 9 out of the 10 tracks on this album and his growth as a song writer is evident as well.

I recently saw Bobby on a Cable TV show interview saying that he is working on album number three and considering how much growth there was between his first and second, I can't wait to hear third.

Some of my favorites on Wrong Side Of Love include the title track, "I'll Find You", "You Can Always Come back Home", "Lost On Love" and "Pass It On".

When you boil it down, this is a good CD from a hard working Indie artist and I think you might just like it.

To purchase the CD online click on the album cover.

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My name is Lila. I am a DJ, on the Lonewolfradio.com. Last week I received the CD - Wrong Side Of Love. It is really great stuff. I hope to hear more form this young man..
~ Lila Redmon


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