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Chris Young - Chris Young
Album Review By: Penny Rondinella, CSO Staff Journalist

Chris Young's amazing baritone voice is so delightful, I can't even begin to tell you how talented this young gentleman is. I've been a Chris Young supporter for a few years now. I met him in Nashville in 2004 at The CMA Festival (I still call it Fan Fair) after receiving CD's of his to review. I immediately fell in love with his incredible voice. What talent, not only did he write most of the songs on both of his indie albums, he produced them as well. I attended his Fan Club party while in Nashville and the rest is history, seeing him perform live in front of a crowd of people, well, I just knew he'd get to live his dream someday, it was inevitable. I've been following his career ever since. 

If it weren't for a great friend that insisted Chris audition for the show along with buying him a ticket to Houston to audition, he wouldn't be this years Nashville Star. His friend knew that Chris really wanted to be on the same label where his heroes recorded, guys like Keith Whitley, John Anderson, Ronnie Milsap and Alan Jackson. Young says, "I knew they were the best of the best,Ē so Chris auditioned and went through all those stressful voting weeks, wondering if this was his time to finally get that record deal. I had no doubts, cause I knew the kind of wonderful fans this gentleman has. He just had to win it, plus I knew when people heard and saw the stage presence Chris has, they would vote for him for sure. Not that I wasn't calling friends and family to vote and voting myself, I just felt it was that time for him to shine like the star he is and always will be.

Well, now he has all that and more. A major record deal, even more faithful fans and his official debut record released on RCA Sony and it is AMAZING! When you hear Chris sing on his CD, you hear the real thing, it's like he's right there in your car or living room. His voice is pure and he can hit every note with sheer perfection. You hear what you would hear if you saw him live. 

He starts off the album with a bang with "Beer or Gasoline" how they cost the same and it's real hard to choose which one, when you only have cash enough for one. With the price of gas these days, this really hits home I'm sure with lots of people. I was fortunate to see The Nashville Star Tour twice, when Chris performed this one, the crowds really responded to it. It's a real fun song with a great up tempo beat, not one you just sit back and listen to, you must get up and dance.

"Drinking Me Lonely" is the song that got Chris on Nashville Star and one he performed on the shows "original night". He nailed it that night, with every judge saying some real nice things about it. In my opinion, he had the title of "Nashville Star" the first night he sang, but others say that he could have been crowned the night he sang "Drinking Me 
Lonely." Chris says; "I've always believed in that song," which he wrote with his friend Larry Wayne Clark. He received a lot of emails from people stating that they loved the song so he went with that for "original night", even though he had many to pull from to which he has written. Chris' talent goes on and on and he was able to put a few of his own songs on his debut album, a rocking "Lay It On Me" and "Small Town, Big Time," both co-written with Tim James. He also co-wrote a song with veteran David Lee Murphy on "Center Of My World." A song that will be a favorite for weddings and proms, I just know it. 

I was trying to pick a favorite on this album, but it's real hard to do with such great songs and the way he sings all of them. But I have to mention the song "Flowers" originally sung by Billy Yates. It really touched my heart and I can say that it is one of the most beautiful yet sad songs, I've ever heard. It's a song about being so blind about drinking and driving and losing someone you love, then having to live with it for the rest of your life. Chris you did a great job on that one, it's truly amazing. Chris' talent shows in all the songs on this album, from up tempo to soft ballads, he shows what he can do with the amazing talent God has provided him with. Chris is not only a great singer/songwriter he is a awesome person as well. I have to thank his Mom for all she has done to support him and bring him up the way she has. I could go on and on about Chris but I'll let
you be the judge, just listen and I know you'll be taken in as much as I have with his talented "Young" man. 

In Chris' words:
"I've always been sure that this was what I was going to do. I didn't know if I'd be successful, but I knew I would be singing, even if it meant doing it on the street with a cup in front of me. I love it that much." "Still, Iím waiting for that day when I hear my song being played on the radio next to George Strait and Brooks & Dunn. Thatís when Iíll celebrate. At that point, Iíll know my work is just beginning, but Iíll also know that dreams do come true.Ē

I already can't wait for Chris' sophomore album, I know it will be worth the wait.

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1. Beer Or Gasoline 
2. You're Gonna Love Me 
3. Drinkin' Me Lonely 
4. White Lightning Hit The Family Tree 
5. Lay It On Me 
6. Burn 
7. Small Town Big Time 
8. Flowers 
9. Center Of My World 
10. I'm Headed Your Way, Jose 
11. Who's Gonna Take Me Home 

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Real People Reviews

I Am A Major Chris Young Fan. I Met Him In Valdosta and I Loved Him The Very First Episode Of Nashville Star. Ever Since He Won I've Been Sitting On Pins And Needles Waiting For His CD Here's My Review:
1. "Beer Or Gasoline" Is A Fun,Comical Look At Gas Prices.
2. "You're Gonna Love Me" Is My Favorite song, What Girl Wouldn't Love Everything He Lists In This Song!
3. "Drinkin Me Lonely" Is A Beautifully Written And Sang Song About Love Gone.
4. "White Lighting Hit The Family Tree" Is Hilarious And Reminds Me Of A lot Of Family Reunions!
5. "Lay It On Me" Would Make Any Woman's Pulse Get Quicker!
6. "Burn" Is A Awesome Song About How Every Now And Then Something Good Happens To Balance The Bad.
7. "Small Town, Big Time" Is The Story Of Small Towns EveryWhere Including My Own.
8. "Flowers" Is A Beautiful,And Sad Song About Not Realizing The Consequences Of Drinking And Driving Till You Lose a
Loved One Forever.
9. "Center Of My World" Is Every Girl's Dream To Be The Center Of Her Guy's World.
10. "I'm Headed Your Way Jose" Is A Funny Look At The Immigration Problems In America.
11. "Who's Gonna Take Me Home" Is A Rocking Song 
And I Believe Anyone Would Volunteer To Take Chris Home!
~ Not Signed


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