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Codie Prevost - The Road Ahead
By: George Peden, CSO Staff Journalist

Canadian Codie Prevost impresses before he even hits a note on his debut release, The Road Ahead. He scores big with his choice of producer: Steve Fox, a prolific singer, writer and producer, comes remembered as the writer of a breakthrough single for Montgomery Gentry, “Daddy Won’t Sell The Farm”. In recent times Fox has moved beyond his own recording, concentrating on producing and writing for emerging talent. With Codie Prevost, Fox’s honed skills have found their mark.

With envied Album of the Year and Rising Star wins at the 2006 Saskatchewan Country Music Awards, Prevost is ready for some wider attention. Move beyond the publicity hype of Keith Urban similarities, and you find and hear a guy who knows how to rock. He also knows how to write, supplying collaborative ink on 11 of the album’s 12 tracks; it all proves his award wins were no fluke.

The Road Ahead, more a developing ambition than an album title, offers a spirited hoedown of rockers made for dust kicking and sawdust pushing. For Prevost, a kid who grew up on a grain farm and performed his first concert at 14, after building his own stage, the album is a childhood ambition realized, having been inspired and encouraged into music by his family.

For a relative newcomer, Prevost nails his album tight, doing so with a confident voice that doesn’t shy or stumble from microphone duty. More rock than country, the voice is a pleasing blend of attitude and a writer’s confidence, brought out by a guy who knows how to handle a good tune – especially if he wrote it.

Backed by a hot-shot band, including noted guitarist Danny Parks, the album moves along at a toe-tapper’s pace. However, apart from the standout rockers like “Better Off Alone”, “The Road Ahead”, “Next Weekend”, and the current single,” He’s Not Me”, there is a revealing sensitivity to Prevost. It comes in his ballads. The reflective “A Lot To Be Said For Leaving” is a crafted tale of a young cowpoke torn between predictability and change, leaving or staying. The song, dedicated to Prevost’s father, is ponderous, showing that on this album rockin’ twang makes the most noise – but sentiment claims the most attention. Listen out also for “Life Without Love”; again, a Prevost co-wrote that shows a guy who can relate in understandable terms.

Watch out for Codie Prevost. On this album, he proves he’s a talented guy who plays, writes and delivers on a thumbs-up and keenly rated debut. For Prevost, the pedal’s floored. The road ahead offers nothing but green lights.

To purchase the CD online just click on the album cover.

1: Better Off Alone 
2: A Million Miles Away 
3: A Lot To Be Said For Leaving
4:Not Just The Beer Talkin’ 
5:The Road Ahead 
6: That’s Where I Come In
7: He’s Not Me 
8: Women 101 
9: Life Without Love 
10: Shinin’ River 
11: Waste Of Love 
12: Next Weekend

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