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Darrell Scott - The Invisible Man
Review By Jim Moulton, CSO Staff Journalist

Darrell Scott is primarily a songwriter and session guitarist. With all of that, this is his sixth studio album. He spares no expense in making this excellent recording. Recorded mostly at his home studio, mixed by grammy winning Gary Paczsosa (the best in acoustic recording) Minutia Studio. Mastered by Doug Sax and his assistant at the Mastering Lab at their new facility in Ojai, California. 

With some great musicians including himself, Sam Bush, Richard Bennett, Tim O'Brien, Dan Dugmore and drummer Kenny Malone. The disc has a real big sound and is very warm, definitely not too hot. The sound; country or southern rock or something in between. Great backup vocals and eclectic material. The acoustic guitars shimmer.

This very cerebral disc just makes you listen to what he has to say, Andrea Zonn's vocals sound great with his. 

There are so many great songs that have lots of great stuff going on percussively. A lot of work went into these complex songs with including the special effects. Scott has a worn fatherly voice and provides some great acoustic and electric guitar. The lyrics are available on his website, not on the CD, which has some very neat artwork.

Let's visit some tunes;

"The Dreamer" - is a real warm, acoustic song, Danny Thompson great on standup bass. Real nice fiddle by O'Brien. A very blue-grassy ,Scottish sound with some great mandolin.

"Stone Around My Belly" - strange title, great song ; "Now Jesus was a carpenter, this I do believe". Nice slide guitar by Scott, great vocals singing "Hallelujah", gets more percussive towards the end, main instrument is acoustic guitar with vocals.

"Shattered Cross" - Incredible beginning of guitar picking and ebow on electric guitar by Dugmore. "You don't mess around with the Man in Black". Just inspired acoustic picking by Scott and pedal steel the always innovative Dugmore. Nice wash of reverb on this track. "Can't think on redemption if you ain't saved".

"And The River Is Me" - A wonderful autobiographical tune. "And I have been singing about living all across America". Vocals are main attraction, but a nice lead guitar break by Scott and more ebow by Dugmore.

"Do It Or Die Trying" - An upbeat rocker, great vocals all around, another story song. Some incredible background guitar picking and electric guitar rocking too by Bennett. This song is country radio hit material.

Darrell Scott has had a very successful run and this disc is easily the best he's pulled off, so many good songs, so many good performances.

Release 6/27/06
Imprint - Full Light

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1. Hank Williams' Ghost 
2. There's A Stone Around My Belly 
3. Shattered Cross 
4. I'm Nobody 
5. And The River Is Me 
6. Let's Call It A Life
7. The Dreamer 
8. Do It Or Die Trying
9. The Invisible Man 
10. Goodle, USA 
11. Looking Glass 
12. In My Final Hour

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