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Darryl Worley - Here And Now
Album Review By: Penny Rondinella, CSO Staff Journalist

He became best known for his charismatic patriotism when the hit song "Have You Forgotten" took the world by storm but he also known for his powerful ballads. Darryl Worley is about to pass another milestone with the release of the powerful song "Just Came Back From A War" from his new album Here and Now. The song, which is racing up the country music charts, is the first song to be released on 903 Music label; the label started by Neal McCoy.

Darryl plays the part of a returning war vet whose buddies say he’s changed. The phrase that struck me the most on this song was "I hope you cherish this sweet way of life / and I hope you know that it comes with a price." I pray that people will listen and embrace this song and feel the need to support our soldiers that are fighting for our freedom at this very moment.

Darryl shows us his hard rockin' honky-tonk side in "Jumpin' Off The Wagon." What a great way to start this album, It kicks off with such a great stomping beat. The lyrics illustrate his independence in writing and what he feels about his life now, and not caring who knows about it. Darryl states, "You haven’t really gotten to know me until you've had a chance to get out and party with me. That's why I made up my mind that with every track on Here and Now, I’m going to say exactly what I want to say. I'm going to make the record I want to make."

I've wondered myself, seeing the change in his life over the past year what was going on with him and now I know. He is showing who is in control of his life now, doing the kind of music he likes and says with that comes a freedom he didn't know until now. I believe he sounds much better than he ever has. The key step was Worley hooking up with Neal McCoy's label 903 Music, whose artist-driven mission fit Worley's needs of being and doing it all his own way.

On this album he shows us that he can still sing an awesome ballad, but he can also show us his honky-tonk side of life he portrays. Every album should have at least one "Party Song" on it. Everybody loves a party song; it picks you up when you’re feeling down. Something you could put on and dance to and just have fun with. That is how this song makes you feel when you hear it, even for the very first time. 

The steamy and sexy tale of "Nothin' But A Love Thang", along with the video, shows another side of Darryl Worley we haven’t seen, plus a new hair style and a tattoo and all.

This thirteen track album has many other amazing songs on it that shows us what Worley can do, and he wrote on each and every one of them.

"Things I'll Never Do Again," is about someone doing time and having time only to think of things he'll never have time to do again. 

"Slow Dancin' with a Memory" relates the story of a man having a real hard time at the loss of a love, and wishing he could slow dance with her just one more time.

"Whiskey Makes The World Go Round" is a slap stick kind of song that talks about how one drink of whiskey leads to another which leads to not only making the world go round but also the room or where ever you are go round and round and round.

Worley’s talents and passion are not limited to his music, he spent many countless hours performing for our troops all over the world and donates his talent, time and money to his own community; hosting an annual fundraising event called the Tennessee River Run, which benefits those in need in his hometown area of Savannah, Tennessee.

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1. Nothin' But A Love Thang 
2. Jumping Off The Wagon 
3. Slow Dancing With A Memory 
4. Nothin' To Lose 
5. Do You Know What That Is? 
6. Low Down Women 
7. Here And Now 
8. All The Things I'll Never Do Again 
9. I Just Came Back From A War 
10. Free 
11. The Way You Love Me 
12. Whiskey Makes the World Go Round
13. Party Song

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I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! This is one of his best one's and I know I have been his fun from day one!
~ Nancy P.


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