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Dearl Hardy - One Cross, Three Nails
Review By Jim Moulton, CSO Staff Journalist

Dearl Hardy ,out of Brownsville, Texas has been thru a lot in his life. Hardy is an honest, humble man who fights lots of battles with his health, but it has drawn him closer to the Lord and his wife and two daughters. Most Sunday mornings, you'll find him somewhere, opening up a Church Service with his inspirational songs. Honestly, I'll say that this is one of the most inspiring discs that I have heard this year.

Hardy sent me a disc last year and asked me what I thought. I said, it's a real bad recording, full of distortion and noise, to my surprise he said, finally ,an honest person. Usually, when I tell someone something like that, they get mad.

Hardy had that CD "He Who Made The Rain" remastered and it ended up sounding pretty good.

Hardy has really grown as a vocalist, his vocals are anointed, like a gift from God. This CD has been a real encouragement for me. There is no comparison between his first disc and this new one. His new CD is a polished jewel. It is sparse, but the musicians and the mix and the overall tone is special. Recorded and Produced by Dave Powelson at his studio in Goodlettsville, TN. What is in the front is Hardy's vocals with great backup vocals. Mastered by Randall Merryman of Nashville, who has a special talent for mastering and used to work as a recording engineer with the Marshall Tucker Band. 

Other musicians include Jamey Whiting/piano, Larry Crew/bass, Mark Beckett/drums, Mike Jones/steel and Dobro and Powelson on all guitars.

The overall sound is warm and the acoustic guitars shimmer. I love the bass of Crew and also the tight punch he gets out of it. Hardy has gotten a great selection of songs here. 

The title track "One Cross, Three Nails" is written by Jim Disney who co wrote "Three Wooden Crosses" for Randy Travis. The song is a warm acoustic tune, with Hardy's deep rich vocals, reminding me a bit of Alan Jackson. The hook in this song is great, so is the Dobro and piano. I like the live sound. Hardy really does this justice, it is so special.

Another song that really moves me is Vern Gosdin's "If Jesus Comes Tomorrow". The words speak volumes. Great pedal steel. Real nice back up vocals. Nice acoustic country gospel song.

"Mercy River" (Disney) is a more upbeat gospel song. Hardy's inflections are great, can't believe this is the same guy from last years CD, just so much growth. Real good piano on this tune.

Well, honestly all recordings have flaws, this one is just not long enough. But, sometimes, it's good to leave the listener wanting to hear more. Need your faith stirred? Need some great Christian country music? Check out Dearl Hardy.

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