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Desert Heat - Forever Road
By: George Peden, CSO Staff Journalist

There’s an adage my mother and my remembered math teacher at high school used to tell me. Practice makes perfect. Desert Heat, out of Quebec, Canada, must have heard the same advice. Plying and ploughing their music for years, cris-crossing America and Canada as a covers band, they’ve recently released their debut, Forever Road (B-Venturous Records). And let me fuel the interest; from the opening chords to the last bar, these guys offer a biting style that leaves you wondering why they waited. Recently on the road as the opening act for Jason McCoy’s band, the Road Hammers, Desert Heat is one exciting act.

The band, who’ve been together in the main for over 18 years, is Trevor Bruton on lead vocals and younger sibling Tim on guitar, with Jarrod Tetreault on acoustic guitar and Robin Wilkinson on bass. Besides playing, these guys also back up on harmony. (New band inductees Terry Joe Rodrigues on banjo, mandolin and harmonica, with Scott "Mookie" Foster on drums, now add power to an energetic and talented line-up.) A support cast of album notables including Dave Pomeroy on bass, drummers John Gardiner/Paul Scholten, Keith Sewel on guitar, Russ Pahl on lap steel, Wanda Vick on mandolin and Dobro, Michael Rolas on keyboards and Michael Spriggs on guitar round out the instrumentation. The album, recorded in Nashville, comes with 11 tracks, all produced under the guiding hand of friend and band mentor, Wayne Warner. 

Packed with sting and grunt, the album is hard, rocky and fuelled with a confidence that comes from the band writing all the tunes. Shaded with vocal comparisons to John Mellencamp, the album grabs from the first track. And it doesn’t let go. “Gone But Not Forgotten”, telling of a romance that’s moved on but that lingers still, is the lead track. Punctuated with some solid lead guitar, it’s a redeeming plus not over stated across an album that shows versatility, style and overall balance. 

“Summer” is a tale of a girl with a seasoned name; the track, pumped with tight drumming and a hooky guitar riff, rides nicely with band back-up harmony – it’s a winner and a radio certainty. The tune shows the writing promise of the band, it highlights their cohesive harmonies and, if that’s not enough, musically, it offers a catchy pull that stays with you. 

Other winning tracks on the album include the rock-edged “How You Do It” and the piano-lead “Rain ’N’ Whiskey”. With a title offering the needed ingredients to make a lover’s misery complete, the tune, again, brings the band’s talents to the front. Trev Bruton’s vocal ache and the crafted playing all showcase diverse possibilities for a band that strays, ever so keenly, from Nash Vegas predictability.

For something different, have a listen to “Wiggle It”. Sounding like something you’d hear on a Confederate Railroad release, the track, on first hearing, disappointed. I mean, wiggle it? Pounded, loud and brash and wrapped in humor, the track tells that the good times are waiting…if you follow the given advice. It seems an odd inclusion here, but give it several plays, and like the song tells us:” it ain’t hurtin’ anyone.” 

The band’s hoping for some major label interest this year. We hope they get it. They come weathered with road and touring experience, they play and harmonize tightly, and Bruton’s edgy vocals, sharp and raw without over emoting, make them ready. Practice makes perfect.

Seeing Something New song list:

To purchase the CD online just click on the album cover on the left. 
1: Gone (But Not Forgotten) 
2: Summer 
3: Forever Road 
4:Every Little Thing 
5: How You Do It
6: Just Like The First Time 
7: When You Come Around 
8: Once Upon A Time 
9: Rain ’N’ Whiskey 
10:Wiggle It 
11: Gonna Getcha Back

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Real People Reviews

I just got my Desert Heat CD in the mail today and It was great. I loved every song on the CD and when I found out they had a banjo player at first I was like, oh no, but when I heard the CD, I was like wow, I even loved the Banjo parts of the songs. So, the guys of Desert Heat, I love your music, Banjo and all. I wish you all the success in the world. 
~ mune 

I have had the cd FOREVER ROAD for a few months now and it's the most played cd in this house. I can't get enough of Desert Heat. What a terrific band with a great new sound. This band is going to make it HUGE in the country scene. A cross between Keith Urban, Bon Jovi and John Mellencamp!! I can't say which song is my favorite because I LOVE each and every song for a different reason. If you haven't bought this cd yet get on it and buy a copy - you'll never stop listening to it!!

Keep up the great work guys! CMT watch out this band is coming to you!!!

~ Kelly

I recently bought the Desert Heat CD and I can't stop playing it. I loaded it to play on my computer in my store, it shuffles through all day long. I play it at home and if I had a CD player in my van it would be playing in there as well.

This band is a great band with some wonderful guys. They should be better known than they are and hopefully with all their fans talking about them, they will be better known and soon.

"Every Little Thing" is one of my favorite songs. I would put this bands music up against the bigger well known musicians any day and I know they would really give them a run for their money.

Keep up the good work guys!! 

~ Cindy ~ Nascar_Girl ;)
Ontario, Canada

Trev! You guys totally rock, I love this! I want you here in Montana at the Eagles Bar! Let's hook up! Everyone here loves your music, and Doug and I are still sending your music out there!
Peace and Love 
Bozeman, Montana

This CD is quite simply - superb! Desert Heat have put together a great collection of catchy songs that will grab your attention from start to finish. The up beat tempos of "Every Little Thing" and "Gonna Getcha Back" will keep your toes tapping, while the harmonies of "When You Come Around" and "Once Upon A Time" will keep you humming for hours. For those listeners who enjoy a good ballad, "Rain 'N Whiskey" provides everything a great slow song should. The tongue in cheek lyrics of "Wiggle It" are likely to make it a poplar choice in dance bars everywhere. "Summer" has hit written all over it, as it has a great melody and lyrics that evoke memories of lost love and summers gone by. Finally, the album is rounded off by the soft and soothing lyrics of "Forever Road", which speaks of a love that grows forever and cannot be broken. 

If this album is a sign of things to come, then Desert Heat is on their way to BIG places. Get this CD... You won't regret it. 

~ Jason - That Poison Guy! 

I have this CD, and I absolutely love it.  I am partial to "bands" anyway because of the harmonies they offer.  These guys are great.  "Rain and Whiskey" is very soulful and my favorite on the CD and then 'Wiggle It" is a lot of fun…"Gone  But Not Forgotten", everyone can relate to that one.. I could go on, but I recommend this CD to anyone out there that loves country, southern rock, bluegrass…get it!!!! 
~ Melody



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