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Dierks Bentley - Long Trip Alone  
By: Amy Ross, CSO Staff Journalist

You know how there are songs that just stick with you, they have a sound and a meaning all their own and when you take that trip down memory lane there is always a song that goes with it. Well Dierks Bentleyís new album Long Trip Alone has eleven of them.

Upon listening to Bentleyís album I found myself thinking "Amy, what can you say about such a talented singer that hasnít been said already?" Iíll be honest I have listened to the album four times now, and I am still speechless. Now if you know me, you will know that doesnít happen very often.

Bentley primes your country craving with "Every Mile a Memory" which starts out with a heart pounding tempo that sets the pace for the entire album. Going straight into another fast paced track, "Canít Live It Down," I swear he may be singing about himself here because with albums like Long Trip Alone Bentley may never live down his reputation especially when he sings "I might be making me a reputation / of going my own way / and I cant live it down"

The title track "Long Trip Alone" brings the pace down to a smooth mellow sway. If you close your eyes and take in the lyrics you can almost feel yourself on a long road trip Ďaloneí. Whether it is a trip down memory lane or a current love in the making, the song has so much feeling and its enhanced immensely by the soothing vocal delivery that only Bentley has.

I hope there isnít a sound ordinance here where I live because "That Donít Make It Easy Loving Me" has got to be played loud so it will rattle your windows along with your soul. This one is a mean, get your heart pumpiní, feet moviní, cowboy loviní song that will keep you moving Ďtill the cows come home. It doesnít stop there though; "Soon As You Can" starts out with a great beat and moves you physically and emotionally throughout the entire song. "When you know who you want to spend of the rest of your life with / you want to start the rest of your life as soon as you canÖ" I love how Bentley puts so much meaning into his songs.

He delivers three more spectacular cuts; "Trying to Stop Your Leaving," "Hope for Me Yet" and "The Heaven Iím Headed To". All three will touch your soul and get you thinking. "Band of Brothers" is great and cleverly written. Bentley takes a military outlook on being a country singer "Me and my band of brothers got you covered on the honky tonk front lines." Bentley "ainít no rookie" to country music thatís for sure. This one is sure to livení up any crowd. Starting out with a pounding drum that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand at attention, the final song, "Prodigal Sonís Prayer," is a prayer put to music like you have never heard before. This song will warm you from soul to surface.

You come out of this album wanting to clap and just sing along. With a beat that will move you physically as much as the lyrics do emotionally. Long Trip Alone is an all around superb album, but then I wouldnít expect anything less from Mr. Bentley.

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1. Every Mile A Memory 
2. Can't Live It Down 
3. Long Trip Alone 
4. That Don't Make It Easy Loving Me 
5. Soon As You Can 
6. Trying To Stop You Leaving
7. Hope For Me Yet 
8. The Heaven I'm Headed To 
9. Free And Easy Down The Road I Go 
10. Band Of Brothers
11. Prodigal Son's Prayer

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