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The Duhks - Migrations
Review By Jim Moulton, CSO Staff Journalist

The Duhks have continued to grow as a group, family and as musicians. Their new CD, titled Migrations, is a selection of gospel songs, ballads and whatever else is easily one of the most exciting CDs that I have had the pleasure to hear this year. Gary Pacsosa doing the recording At Omni Studios in Nashville and mastering by Doug Sax and Robert Hadley of the Mastering Lab in Los Angeles and what you get is a wildly, warm disc as you will ever hear. Eleven great tracks.

This is the Duhks third disc and it really is special. What an evolution from their first disc to this one (and I don't even believe in Evolution). The whole CD has great bluegrass qualities to it, it blows away any traditional bluegrass I've heard this year. Vocals are better, more creative and instruments are warm and sound really in sync, on a jam that knows where they are going. Really has a nice live quality to it with a touch of Celtic influence. There are some real interesting sounds from the instruments. 

Co-produced by Tim O'Brien and Gary Pacsosa, the Duhks are Tania-Elizabeth/fiddle,vocals, Jessee Havey/lead vocals, Jordan McConnell/guitar,vocals, Leonard Podolak/banjo,vocals and Scott Senior/percussion. This group of Canadians are quickly becoming an American staple and this should really propel their career. "Out Of The Rain" - the feature track, a great personal ballad reminds me a bit of Union Station.

"Heaven's My Home" (Amanfu and Herzig) - (suggested by Gary) great slow ballad that touches my spirit, my favorite and some wild fiddle.

"Who Will Take My Place?" (Frechette) - very emotive, incredible guitar and fiddle tones. This performance is just so passionate and full of beauty, another piece that touches you deeply.

"Moses, Don't Get Lost" (traditional, new arrangement by Tim O'Brien) - Great gospel song, nice banjo, fiddle some great guitar, real gravelly, emotive vocals, (nice a cappella part)

"Out Of The Rain" (Havey) - The lead singer writes a gem here that is the feature track, really is something special and would be a hit in a real world. Another great emotive ballad.

In closing, this disc is a combination of upbeat and slow songs. Buy it just to hear what a good recording sounds like, cause it really does not get any better than this.

Imprint - Sugar Hill
Release Date - Sept 12

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1. Ol' Cook Pot 
2. Mountains O' Things 
3. Heaven's My Home 
4. The Fox And The Bee
5. Down To The River 
6. Who Will Take My Place
7. Moses Don't Get Lost 
8. Three Fishers 
9. Domino Party! 
10. Out Of The Rain 
11. Turtle Dove 

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