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Eric Agnew - No Limits  
By: Amy Ross, CSO Staff Journalist

The day I got this CD in the mail I was in a rush, trying to make sure I had everything I needed before going to one of our Army family meetings to prepare for our troops to come home. I put the CD in our home stereo system and told the kids to turn off the TV. Now, mind you, I don’t normally review CD’s with the kids around because I like to give the artists’ my undivided attention, but in Eric Agnew’s case you can’t help but pay attention.

This CD starts out with a bang. Yee haw I tell you what "Hurt Me All the Time", if this song doesn’t make you want to grab a stranger, abandon your beer and hit the dance floor you need to get out of the country club. I found myself wanting to grab anyone and dance. Since it may have been a little out of line knocking on my neighbors door I settled for turning up the volume, grabbing my daughter and spinning her around our living room. Agnew then goes into "Somebody New on Her Mind". Anyone out there who is new to motherhood or if you know of a couple having their first baby, this CD would make a great shower gift if not only for this song. I have had four children and it still made me tear up. Who knew someone could release a song about pregnancy and have it turn out so well!

Agnew brings the tempo back from tears to beers with "By George" again making me wish I were in a country bar where I had more then a nine year old to two step with. In "Here Comes the Hurt Again" I have to say Agnew puts a George Straight twist on this one. With his amazing vocals and talent Agnew goes back to back with another great heart break song titled "Different Shade of Blue".

All nine songs on Agnew’s album No Limits are outstanding! I wouldn’t say Agnew sounds like anyone in particular, he has a sound all his own and I like it. I will be adding this album to my personal collection so I can play it loud at home and while driving. When you purchase your copy may I suggest picking up two? Any of your country dancing cowboy friends would completely enjoy a copy as a gift.

Click on the CD cover to order yours!
1. Hurt Me All The Time
2. Somebody New On Her Mind
3. By George
4. Here Comes The Hurt Again
5. Different Shade Of Blue
6. Possession
7. Basic Goodbye
8. Lookout Heart
9. I Couldn't Dream

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