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Garrison Starr - The Sound Of You And Me
Review By Jim Moulton, CSO Contributing Journalist

Garrison Starr sounds intense and cerebral on her fifth recording. A variety of sound, full of emotion. Starr sounds brutally honest at times. The Sound Of You And Me is a warm recording that rocks at times and sometimes is beautifully acoustic. Produced by Brad Jones and Nielson Hubbard. From sparkling acoustic guitar to full blown rock guitar, it is an organic, creative recording. Presently, Starr is on a house concert tour hitting the northeast and south. She plays both electric and acoustic guitar on the road. Starr is convincing in her approach and her songs deal with emotions and people. Lots of percussion going on thru out the disc.

"Pretending" is a warm acoustic song about the reality of the subject, very pretty arrangement, beautiful backup vocals and keyboards.

"Big Enough" has the prettiest guitar tones you will ever hear, give lots of credit to producers Jones and Hubbard. Very nice strings on this song. Some nice mandolin too. Starr reminds me of an artist between Mindy Smith and Kathleen Edwards. This songs' strings are Beatlesque. 

"Beautiful in Los Angeles" has an odd intro and her vocals sound a bit processed in this rocker with lots going on, a very creative piece.

"Sing It Like A Victim" has some very personal lyrics, the song builds from a pretty melodic line to a full blown rock production. Some great electric bass. Nice unusual backup vocals. The theme is about being broken, and shows very personal passion lyrically. "In The Shadows, I am Born Again".

Starr seriously bares her soul in a very personal set of songs. Born and raised in Mississippi, Starr released a cassette PinWheels upon graduation from high school. In 2004 Starr released Airstreams and Satellites, her most critically and successful CD to date.

"Black and White" is a beautifully sang song making a statement about coping in a world gone mad. Some incredibly pretty guitar pickin'.

"Cigarettes and Spearmint" is an intense recording about love and the spontaneity of love. Real warm recording that accents Starr's longing for love here.

Starr has what it takes to make a great personally intense recording that both rocks and embraces.
Imprint - Vanguard, Street Date -3/13/06

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