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Guy Clark - Workbench Songs
Review By Jim Moulton, CSO Staff Journalist

Listening to Guy Clark is like listening to a singer crooning to you in his living room, this disc is a real warm affair , produced by Verlon Thompson, who records it, masters it and plays some fine lead acoustic guitar on it. He is a story teller, a singer of songs that are lyrically creative. He's also contemporary of Townes Van Zant, and plays a song penned by Van Zant on each of his CD's. On Workbench Songs, Clark performs "No Lonesome Tune", a ballad.

The overall sound of Workbench Songs is simple, great quality, but not super polished. Very bare bones, yet has some tunes that have a full acoustic band on them. Probably the best tune on the disc is the not so covert humorous "Out In The Parking Lot" , a song about what goes on in the parking lot of a sorta cheap bar. Clark wrote it with Darrell Scott and I have heard a live version with the two of them that is hilarious. "The Band's a playin hard, but there ain't no cover charge - out in the Parking Lot". Sort of a slow paced story song.

The Disc starts out with the bluesy upbeat "Walkin' Man", this song talks about the walkin' man and he names some, really moves well. "Tornado Time In Texas" is an upbeat full band swing song that just tells it like it is, without Clark's lyrics and vocals, these songs just would not work.

A song I find humorous is "Analog Girl", He sort of juxtaposes digital talk with funny references that make for a neat venture. On the serious side, "Funny Bone" is  about a rodeo clown who gets a broken heart, as in, "broke his funny bone", Clark really has a way with his lyrics in this concise tune.

Guy Clark is a winner, a guy who at sixty can make a super disc. His interaction with his band and lyrics are on two different levels, but believe me, it's about that warm voice and the lyrics.

Imprint - Dualtone 
Release Date - 9/19/06

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1. Walkin' Man 
2. Magdalene 
3. Tornado Time In Texas
4. Funny Bone 
5. Expose 
6. Out In The Parkin' Lot 
7. No Lonesome Tune 
8. Cinco De Mayo In Memphis 
9. Analog Girl
10. Worry B Gone 
11. Diamond Joe

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