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J.C.Andersen - When The Tide Rolls In 
By: George Peden, CSO Staff Journalist

Here at CSO headquarters, the mailman lugs and struggles to deliver another weekly shipment from independent hopefuls. After sorting the pile, we begin the slow sift. They’re all here: older performers, the youthful, the hopeful and the awkward, and along the way, and sometimes, the exceptional. Enter Nashvillian, J.C.Andersen. 

Let’s just skip the superlatives and get straight to it. Wow! This talented 21-year old -- he writes as well as sings – has all the right ingredients for his debut, When The Tide Rolls In. Already the album has critics applauding the effort, and many local and overseas radio stations are quickly finding places on tight play lists for this Fort Lauderdale native. And why not, as this is a keeper.

There is not one low point on this album. Produced by noted console man Ted Hewitt, whose recent interest Rodney Atkins is zooming up Billboard, has pulled together a choice song list –contributing 4 co-writes with his “If you’re Going Through Hell...” protégé. Hewitt has scored a bullseye here. He’s saddled Andersen with a tight and capable band (noted session payers with perfect pedigrees), and mixed in a commercially viable blend of ballads and barn kickers, married to a youthful tenor and polished enthusiasm; the result is a winner.

Andersen is no slouch in the vocal area. His rich and full tenor, velvet when needed and complete with all the energy of a thunderstorm when he cuts loose, is a selling point. The well-thought-out song choices, too, add to an album that is as much a surprise as a delight.

The album is fires from the first pounded beat of “Leanin’”. Written by Hewitt, Atkins and Max.T.Barnes, the tune is a Saturday night toe tapper. It sits easy in the mix with other choice tunes – “When The Tide Rolls In,” the fiddle-drenched “Sing Along” and Andersen’s own lyrical offering, the softly shuffled, “A Kiss Away”. 

While Andersen brings grit and toughness to his rockier cuts, it’s in the softer takes that he shines. His easy on the ear phrasing, his controlled sharing of emotion, works well on tracks like “All Along” and his self-disclosed album favorite, “Sweeter Than Sugarcane.

On a faultless album, there are so many good tunes; but there’s one, if given the needed push that could make for Andersen’s breakthrough: “The Girl That Broke Joe’s Heart”. The tune scores high on many fronts. Firstly, it’s hook-driven and comes with a modern story-line. That story, written by Butch Baker, Ted Hewitt and Wil Nance reads: boy meets girl, girl leaves boy, and new face on the scene arrives and hooks up with girl, only to find she’s the ex of his best friend – truly the stuff of heart-worn country. And Andersen nails it.

“The Girl…” is well-produced, well played, well written, and delivered with the polished class of anything doing the radio rounds and enjoying high Billboard placement at the moment. It’s a knockout tune.

Here at CSO headquarters, from our Independent mailbag, we sometimes get to hear something that’s vibrant, original and fuelled with possibility – J.C.Andersen’s, When The Tide Rolls In, hits that mark.

Congratulations to J.C., his producer and the boys in the band. The young wannabe has nailed a take-notice album with his first venture. The best is surely to come as we monitor, watch and wait. In the meantime, let’s support the effort. Buy the album.

The album is out on Norstar Records.

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1. Leanin 
2. Sweeter Than Sugarcane 
3. When The Tide Rolls In 
4. Hearts and Horses 
5. Sing Along

6. A Kiss Away 
7. You Are 
8. All Along 
9. The Girl That Broke Joes Heart 
10. Nobody Does Nothin

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