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Jessi Colter - Out Of The Ashes
Shout Factory Records
Review By Jim Moulton, CSO Contributing Journalist

Twenty years later, an original outlaw country artist, Jessi Colter, springs up with an exceptional, soulful Memphis sounding disc. This is a great mix of songs with a re-release of a song with her deceased hubby "Waylon Jennings" on it. 

Produced by Don Was , mixed and mastered by Ray Kennedy, Colter on piano and organ, Reggie Young on electric guitar, Robbie Turner on steel and dobro, several different bass players. Shooter Jennings is featured on one track and Jim Horn on sax. This is an informal recording with a warm unpolished feel to it. Several other unnamed musicians and backup singers. A great mix of soul, country and blues.

Colter really is in a creative flow. Some great original and cover tracks. The disc starts out with a great emotive reading of "His Eye Is on The Sparrow", just remarkable, the instruments are real subtle on this track.

"Out Of The Rain" sounds right in place here on this disc though it was recorded awhile back, with Tony Jo White and Waylon Jennings vocalizing with Jessi. They have a choir on the chorus. Great inspirational song with beautiful mellow electric guitar and harmonica. What a groove!

All of the music on this disc is in a great groove, like a cohesive jam with some distinctive songs. Colter is back with a new freshness about her, some familiar players and great things happen.

"Velvet and Steel" is an upbeat bluesy song with some great blues guitar by Herndon. "Jelly Roll" Johnson on harmonica. Some real nice melodic lines going on.

Bob Dylan's "Rainy Day Woman #12 and 35" gets great treatment by Colter, she plays some great piano and has a lot of fun on this track. Colter can be heard making comments at the end of lots of the songs as the tape rolls.

"You Took Me By Surprise" is a great mid tempo track. Incredible piano, some great fiddle. Colter's vocals again are fresh. Nice love song.

"The Canyon" is a beauty of a slow song that is so honest. Jenny Young's cello on this is sweet. More great piano by Colter and her vocals are real distinct.

"Never Got Over You" is a song with Herndon that is a melodic, rhythmic gem. Sweet acoustic guitar, some great emotion. Great acoustic lead break. Just lots of stuff happening in this song. Incredible use of the stereo field.

The CD ends like it begins with a gospel song. "Please Carry Me Home" with Shooter Jennings from the "Passion Of Christ". A real powerful song, the more I hear of Shooter Jennings, the more respect I get for him. The artwork for the CD is great, Black and White, some stunning photography and graphics. Now this is great Americana music. This disc will turn a lot of heads as it should. Easily , the best CD this year so far. Every song is a winner.

Out Of The Ashes song list:

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Street Date 2/28/06

1. His Eye Is On The Sparrow 
2. You Can Pick ‘Em 
3. Starman 
4. The Phoenix Rises 
5. Out Of The Rain 
6. Velvet And Steel 
7. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 
8. You Took Me By Surprise 
9. So Many Things 
10. The Canyon 
11. Never Got Over You 
12. Please Carry Me Home 

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