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Joni Compretta - Out Of Mississippi
By: George Peden, CSO Staff Journalist

Joni Compretta lives by a simple and dedicated creed. "Life is meant to be lived. If there is something dreamed of but too afraid to take a chance, do it now…grab your dreams… that’s what I’m going to do. No more waiting for tomorrow."

Since meeting with respected Nashville producer, Lonnie Ratliff, who with a host of budding independents has Erin Hay in his stable, Compretta has completed her debut release, Out Of Mississippi. Ratliff, who can spot talent in a football crowd, is excited about his latest charge.

"We have already released a couple of singles overseas and we are getting a lot of great feedback," says the head honcho of Nashville Showcase, a website dedicated to global radio play lists.

In the critical world of country music, a world where looks as well as good songs are the needed commodities, Compretta scores high on both counts. The easy-on-the-eye former nurse can count over 2000 hits on her website, and just to prove that looks and music do marry well, her 4000 plus downloaded tunes proves the point.

And no wonder. Her debut disk comes pumped and primed with originals, soon-to-be-heard radio tunes and a sprinkling of remembered hits. The album, complete with 12 tunes, also has the added polish of some studio notables including Perley Curtis, Mike Daly and Jim Unger.

The album entrée is the Carol Hashe-penned "Love Holds On", one of two tunes Hashe wrote on the album. "Love" is a mid-tempo salute to the power of devotion and strong love, a general theme that peppers this album. Long & Restless Nights" paints a similar setting, while the Dobie Gray classic, "Drift Away", comes reworked with some nifty Unger fiddling and some honeyed harmonies.

The Hugh Moffat memory, "Old Flames Can’t hold A Candle To You", is a song etched into the minds of country purists. It doesn’t fare too badly here from a singer with a voice that probably needs some more whiskey-soaked nights to reach emotional maturity, especially on a song that falls outside the modern bump and grind of new country. It’s not a tune I would have chosen for a relative novice, but apparently Ratliff saw its musical merit and pushed for its inclusion. The tune works out okay, but, for me, the danger is always in the dreaded comparison with the original.

"Only Lonely", the other Hashe tune, is a modern look at love through the emotions of a satisfied woman, one who would tour the clubs, if she were blue, but she won’t, because she’s only lonely for one particular person. Compretta nails the tune with her stylish vocal, energy and love-drenched feel, suggesting that contemporary tunes aimed at today’s market may score a bullseye. The tune has radio appeal, so too, the fiddle-laced and the heartache harmony of "When It Finally Happens".

The album is now out.

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Real People Reviews

Hi , I met Joni at the "Jamboree at the Lake" back in early May. She is a seasoned performer even at this early stage of her career. Her voice is as true on stage as it is on CD. I think she has all of the requirements to be a world class Country Entertainer and I wish her the very best in Success and Happiness! 
~ Ron A.


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