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Julie Roberts - Men & Mascara 
Review By Penny Rondinella, CSO Staff Journalist

Julie's much-anticipated sophomore album is not only awesome it is wonderful in my opinion. This soulful vocal powerhouse has done it again with this album. With her deep, blues-soaked voice she sings with such emotion and power in every song. I have many favorites on this one, it's hard to choose just one. This album is about mending and breaking hearts, "Paint and Pillows", it's about crying when you see someone you love with someone else, "Smile." It's about thinking about someone that has gone, and remembering what it was like when they were here, "Too Damn Young" and "That Ain't A Crime." And it's about someone trying to make it on her own and reassuring her mama not to cry, that she'll be alright. "Mama Don't Cry." Along with many other very emotional, very impressive collection of songs that will tear at your heart strings. 

Along with her debut album, the 12 songs on this album, four of which Julie co-wrote: "First To Never Know," "Smile," "A Bridge That's Burning," and "All I Want", all have that same blend of country and blues, but also reveals a very fresh new sound, a more mature sound. I'm a huge fan of Julie's beautiful strong voice and I think she's very unique in her own way she sings songs. It's important to be different, so that when people hear a song, it's not the song, rather it's the voice that tells them who it is and I believe Julie has that kind of voice, a voice that will stand out among the rest. 

"Men & Mascara", the first single pretty much sums up this album, I love the verse that states: "Yeah, men and mascara always run." What a great title for this album with all the emotions and heartache in it. All and all this is a great album, no real upbeat songs but not a bad one in the bunch, I love the Byron Gallimore's addition of the mandolin, fiddle and steel guitar. I don't see a sophomore slump here.

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