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Karen Taylor Good - How Many Women
By: George Peden, CSO Staff Journalist

These are the songs that I have been waiting for other artists to record. I can’t wait any longer! 
– Karen Taylor-Good’s liner notes.

How Many Women is Karen Taylor-Good’s latest album. And a more apt title you couldn’t find for this, her sixth album. Karen Taylor-Good is, indeed, many women. A look at her impressive resume highlights a career stoked and stacked with achievement. There are the awards for her music. She’s had a Grammy nomination, she’s recognised for her ACM and CMA nominations, and she’s had her tunes recorded by many and varied artists. They include, amongst many others, Diamond Rio, Neal McCoy, Laura Branigan, and Patty Loveless. For Taylor-Good, who once supplemented record royalties with jingles for McDonalds, the lady known as the Song Guru for wanting to change the world one song at a time, has gathered here a collection of her finest. This new album is the polished result.

On this genre-hopping and wide-appeal disc, there are two constants. Taylor–Good does not only write deeply life-filled lyrics, but she sings them with a voice that’s rich, clear and pure. Her voice is not bellow and forced, but rather we hear a woman, strong and confident, who vocally is persuasive enough to bring you through her album track by track, one song at a time.

The value-packed 15 tracker, which has Taylor-Good inked on all tunes, opens with the blues-soaked “Hooked On You”. The tune, which records the push and shove of people with dependent needs, tells us time spent hooked on life and love is the real rush. “You Never Said Anything About Love” is a mellow, reflective piece showcasing Taylor-Good’s perfected vocal gymnastics. The current radio spin, “God’s Refrigerator”, a track which maximises her efficient backing band of six, is a bluegrass thigh-slapper.

For an album that doesn’t sit keenly with a country tag, its appeal rests with its range of moods and diversity. Moody moments and inspired thought comes with “Oh Guinevere”. The cold cheating played out on the track loses out, however, in the forever vows of “If You Do”, a sombre wedding duet with Collin Raye. But it’s in “Love Is A Verb” grammatical perfection enjoys a challenge, as the song pushes our lonely heroine into “doing” rather than the “naming” what she wants. “I’m Tellin’ Ellen” is a pop-country toe-tapper. It tells of a double-dealing guy out on a double-date. Ellen’s girlfriend is a switched on liberator, one who sees the truthful way to continuing female friendship is to expose the flirting ways of Ellen’s date. And she does.

The strength of this album is in the quality of the writing. Taylor-Good is a liberated wordsmith, one who isn’t shackled by needed niceties. She, right across this album, tells it like it is.

A proving point is the acid-laced “”Bless His Heart”. The humorous, but vitriolic, tune proves Mamma was right: you can say anything to anybody; it’s all in how it’s said. With her tongue pushed firmly upwards, Taylor-Good asks the unsuspecting, “You’re fat and you’re so pale, are you sick” and while turning away, “bless his heart.” The sarcastic nice and nasty geyser flows on with “So…you’re still single, “well, bless your heart”. The tune, pointed and sharp, lazy and laconic, is insightful, funny, but, oh, so factual of those who would easily wear the Queen of Mean crown.

For Taylor-Good, published author, motivational speaker, tunesmith and supplier of hits to the stars, this is a better than great album. For this musical maven, often overlooked except for her song writing, on this album, stellar, honest and charmed, comes the chance to correct the balance. And why not? After all, she’s waited long enough.

Check this one out. You won’t be disappointed.

How Many Women song list:

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1: Hooked On you 
2: You Never Said Anything About Love 
3: God’s Refrigerator 
4: Oh, Guinevere 
5: How Many Women 
6: If You Do (with Collin Raye) 
7: Man Enough 
8: Love Is A Verb 
9: Wild Blue Yonder 
10: Bless His Heart 
11: I’m Tellin’ Ellen 
12: Deep Blue Desert Sky 
13: On Angel’s Wings 
14: One Mile Apart 
15: One Mile Apart (Spanish Version) 

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