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Karin Wright - Full House
Norway - discovered on myspace)
Album Review By: Cheryl Harvey Hill, Sr. Staff Journalist

Karin bakIt's been said, many times, that music is a universal language and that seems to be particularly true of country music. You don't have to take my word for it, here is what it says on Karin Wright's official website: I juni 2004 ga Karin ut sitt første soloalbum 'Full House'.  Albumet har fått gode kritikker og låta Deep down lå femten uker på Norsktoppen, hvorav fire uker på førsteplass. Salget går, om ikke så raskt, så jevnt og trutt. Det har vært mange fine tilbakemeldinger i forbindelse med konserter og plata. Med seg på plata har hun et stjernelag bestående av Geir Sundstøl (som også har vært produsent), Jørun Bøgeberg, Trond Augeland, Bitten Forsudd, Heidi Gjermundsen, Erland Dahlen og Aslak Dørum.

Did you get all that? I don't understand one word of Norwegian but after listening to her album, I'm pretty sure it probably translates to "you will most definitely want to add this album to your CD collection."

The album starts with a cover of a popular Eagles tune, "Heartache Tonight." That, in and of itself, tells you that Wright is not only talented but totally fearless. She covers a few others songs, including "Mama He's Crazy" which was a mega hit for the Judd's. Wright's version has more of a calypso beat and is uniquely, and enjoyably, different.

One of my favorite cuts on this album is "Satin Feet," which is one of four cuts on this album that Wright co-wrote. It was this song that first got my attention and after only hearing it one time, I was intrigued enough to want to learn more about the singer. This particular song is so reminiscent of the hey days of country; it harkens back to a time when folks would huddle around the radio to listen to the Opry. Wright's style and voice are a throw-back to that era when music was simple and the voices were pure; wonderfully, delightfully pure.

She says she is a "late bloomer" to country and was side-tracked along her musical route by other genres. In fact, she admits to being a "recovered punk rocker" and now describes herself as "an old rocker gone country." She also describes herself as a crusader for country music and someone who has never given up on her dreams. Regardless of how you describe her, there is no denying that she is immensely talented and on behalf of country music fans everywhere, I applaud her talent and am grateful that she is now carving her niche' in my favorite genre. She has a voice that will easily find a comfortable corner in your consciousness and then gently lead you to a mellow place where life is good and the music is healing.

Although my favorite songs on this album were the ones she wrote, I equally enjoyed the songs she covered. The entire album from start to finish is like a breath of fresh air. Do yourself a favor; open the windows to your musical soul and breathe deep.

Photo: Karin pictured with Cowboy Crush, taken at the Vinstra Music Festival in Norway.

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