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Kate Russell - Powerful Stuff
By: George Peden, CSO Staff Journalist

Here at Country Stars On Line we don’t often review advance singles. We prefer to wait on the release of the artist’s album. That is unless it’s something special. Enter, Kate Russell.

Originally from Sydney, Australia, but now living Stateside, this multitalented musician, writer and singer has just sent her single “Powerful Stuff” to country radio. And in the words so familiar to those “Down Under”, it’s a beauty! The track is from her upcoming Powerful Stuff album (Urunga Records). 

Written by Russell and one of the album’s producers, Rich Mouser, the track is an up-beat affair. Rock-dipped and fiddle-tinged, the track drives hard with grunt, courtesy of solid drumming, a well-placed fiddle, and chunky guitars. Added fuel is Russell’s vocal range. The lady can sing. With a voice that could power light bulbs, Russell best describes her vocals as “Keith Urban meets Bonnie Raitt”. With an equal mix of stylish flair and hard-nosed vocals, it’s a descriptor that nears the mark.

“It’s the kind of fun, dancing, rocking music you want to hear while you’re socializing at a barbecue,” says Russell of her music.

We agree. It’s powerful stuff. 

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