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An Evening With Grace Kelly, A.K.A. Kelly Lang
By Angela Howell, Freelance Writer

No, you didn't pick up a tabloid newspaper by accident.  It's true, Grace Kelly is alive and well.  She goes by the name of Kelly Lang, now donned the Grace "Kelly" of Country Music. 

Raised in Hendersonville, TN, Kelly has long been recognized and well-known within her community for her musical talents.  However, if you have never seen Kelly perform or not seen her lately, you owe it to yourself to see what you are missing.  Kelly has been playing frequently at 3rd & Lindsley in Nashville.  I caught her show recently and was completely in awe of Kelly's ease and grace during her performance.  A heart-felt warmth penetrated the air as Kelly touched the lives of everyone in the room, even if just for one night.

Kelly's performance style has changed dramatically over the last year, a reflection of her life-threatening bout with breast cancer.  Through multiple surgeries, chemo, radiation, and losing all her hair, Kelly is just thrilled to be alive and singing.  Kelly is completely authentic on stage and no different than if you were talking with her one on one.  Everyone is a friend, and what you see is what you get.  Her show includes many of her own songs, from introspective ballads like "I'm Not Goin' Anywhere," to upbeat tunes like, "I Never Met a Man I Didn't Love," a female spin on the classic T.G. Sheppard song, "I Loved 'Em Every One."  Kelly even has a spine-chilling tribute to Conway Twitty called, "Goodbye Darlin," based on her own special relationship with Conway Twitty and his family, thanks to her father, Velton Lang, having served as Conway's road manager for twenty-five years. 

Kelly has her hands in a lot of projects these days.  In addition to performing, she is co-writing a music project with Lorrie Morgan, documenting the story of Lorrie's life.  Kelly is also writing her own book regarding her miraculous recovery from breast cancer with the help she received from family, long-time companion T.G. Sheppard, friends and even assistance from various medical funds created just for musicians, which she didn't even know existed.  Kelly also paints by commission, is working on a children's CD and has a few other exciting, large-scale projects she isn't able to reveal just yet. 

Fighting cancer seems to have given Kelly more fuel than ever to live out her dreams and share them with us.  Kelly Lang's next show is at 3rd & Lindsley on Friday, March 10, 2006 at 7 pm.  Get there early, as her shows have been standing room only.  For more information, check out Kelly's website at www.kellylang.net or contact 3rd & Lindsley at (615) 259-9891.

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*Photos Courtesy of KellyLang.net and Angela Howell

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