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Kristen McNamara - Self Titled Album
Album Review By: Penny Rondinella, CSO Staff Journalist

This talented country singer, whose vocal range spans four octaves got voted off Nashville Star way too early in the game as far as I am concerned. For some reason when she did the awesome tribute to the Pasty Montana song "A Cowboy Sweetheart", they told her it was a lost art form. Well, I for one, enjoyed it and thought she did a tremendous job. I love her amazing voice and zest for life. She has a great attitude and seems to live at full throttle. She sure knows how to belt out a song, and sing it so exceptionally well, it puts you right in the moment with her. 

McNamara was born in the small town of Templeton, on the Central Coast of California. Her and her family later moved to Northern California, where she attended school, sang in the chorus and also in church, but she often longed for much more. She began performing at the young age of 13, 
recorded her first CD when she was only 14, and at the age of 15, McNamara gave her first concert. It was at the Palace of Fine Arts, a benefit concert for the Children's hospital in San Francisco. 

Her performances have spanned from Nashville, to New York and California. She continues to win fans with her vocal range, style and her award winning song writing talent. She says that song writing is her way to get all of her feelings, dreams, and heartache out on the table. Also states
on her album "I'm Just A Redneck with A Sugar Coating."

Along with being the head-liner at her own shows she has shared the stage with such music greats as Collin Raye, Diamond Rio, Lonestar, Montgomery Gentry, Kenny Chesney, Kevin Sharp, and Travis Tritt. Not only did she work with some great artists and producers, she released her own CD and co-wrote 5 out of the 6 tracks on her self-titled album. Her 6 track CD is packed full of emotion. 

She starts off the album with an awesome song "Hey Cowboy," which I had the pleasure of hearing her perform it live at one of the Nashville Star Tour shows. "Blow Away", which she co-wrote with Lorin Rowan, was what she had planned to sing on original night on Nashville Star, but was voted off before she could sing it, is also on the album and it is an amazing original tune. But judge it for yourself, I'm sure you will agree with me that this artist is a pleasure to listen to.

She had a ton of fun being on Nashville star showing off her fun and silly side, by wearing hillbilly teeth and sitting in a wash tub, calling it her "Hillbilly Hot Tub" on one of her video blogs along with "Lobster Bob," and a few others. Just go to the Nashville Star sight and watch them. You'll get a true sense of what a fun loving person Kristen is. I just love her wackiness, that shows off what a real person she is. True to herself and her love of life.

Kristenís influences: Wynonna, Johnny Cash, June Carter, Reba, Celine Dion, Little Jimmy Dickens, Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton, Elton John, Def Leppard and Pink Floyd.

1. Hey Cowboy
2. Blow Away
3. Cowboy Sweetheart
4. Hold On To Your Heart
5. #1 Fan
6. In Love With You

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