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Linda Ronstadt and Ann Savoy: Adieu False Heart
Review By Jim Moulton, CSO Staff Journalist

Put together super star Linda Ronstadt with Cajun performer Ann Savoy and use producer Steve Buckingham (Mindy Smith) and you have plain beautiful, rich music; not really Cajun, more acoustic folk with some country, bluegrass influence.

There's plenty of material here, but there are three songs sung in French, I guess, that don't mean anything to me. That's quite okay, because the disc has plenty of articulate, emotive songs with some of the prettiest acoustic pickin' that I have heard in a while.

Savoy and Ronstadt sound like they were meant to sing together. They take turns singing lead and Ronstadt sounds as good as she ever has.

I confess I'm a fan of Ronstadt, especially her early stuff, there's a great release now that has four of her first albums with bonus cuts. Tempted to get it though I already have most of her songs that I want. "The very Best Of Linda Ronstadt" is great too. (Rhino). 

My personal favorite is her self titled disc from 1972 with "I Fall To Pieces" and "Rock Me On The Water".

The band on this disc includes Stuart Duncan/fiddle, Sam Bush/mandolin, Byron House/stand up bass, Joel Savoy/acoustic guitar, Sam Broussard/acoustic guitar and others. It's a sparse, but very rich and full sounding recording. Most of the songs are slow to mid tempo with not a fast paced number to be found. There are some neat ,musical interludes and also a musical opening and closing for the disc.

It looks like from my material, that Savoy sings lead on most of the tracks, but Ronstadt's vocals are always there wrapped around hers. Their voices sound very much alike.

I'm going to throw out the three French songs and give you my faves, I have a feeling this disc could attract a wide crowd if the word gets out, great variety of songs.

"I Can't Get Over You" (Miller) Lead by Ronstadt is my favorite. A slow emotive tune with moving harmonies and lyrics. Great finger pickin' guitar. Julie Miller is a great song writer.

"Walk Away Renee" (Left Banke) is a very new approach to an old pop hit that Savoy and Ronstadt take turns singing lead on. Nice mellow strings and more great acoustic guitar. This is the focus track of the disc, it more than works.

"Go Away From My Window" (Niles) Another slow ballad with some nice mandolin. Really nice vocal inflections by the gals. Nice fiddle and strings. Lead vocal by Ronstadt.

"Burn's Supper" (Thompson) Savoy does a nice job with this Richard Thompson masterpiece, really nice use of stereo field by Buckingham.

"The One I Love Is Gone" (Monroe) Savoy does a very nice pop/cajun version of Bill Monroe's classic. The acoustic guitars are strummed here rather than finger picked giving the tune a different vibe. Great fiddle. (Go Stuart Duncan)

In closing, I must say that Ronstadt, Savoy and the great cast of musicians have put out an aural treat that only Buckingham could make sound this rich.

Release Date 7/25/06
Imprint: Vanguard

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1. Opening 
2. Adieu False Heart 
3. I Can't Get Over You 
4. Marie Mouri 
5. King of Bohemia 
6. Tournes, Tournes Bébé Créole 
7. Go Away from My Window 
8. Burn's Super 
9. One I Love Is Gone 
10. Interlude 
11. Rattle My Cage 
12. Parlez-Moi d'Amour 
13. Too Old to Die Young 
14. Interlude 
15. Walk Away Renee 
16. Closing

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