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Marshall Tucker - Live On Long Island 4-18-80
Review By Jim Moulton, CSO Staff Journalist

This is the only total live concert released by the Marshall Tucker Band, it contains all of the original members, recorded ten days before the car accident which took bassist, Tommy Caldwell. Marshall Tucker was a southern/country rock group in the mold of The Allman Brothers Band and The Charlie Daniels Band. Original members besides Tommy Caldwell included Vocalist/Doug Gray, Lead guitar, pedal steel/Toy Caldwell, George McCorkle/rhythm guitar, Paul Riddle/drums and Jerry Eubanks on keyboards, flute and sax.

This was performed at The Nassau Coliseum, a frequent Dead venue, where they made a couple of recordings. MTB was promoting a new CD called "Tenth" which has a more hard rock sound, a bit of a different direction for them. The artwork on the double disc is very nice with a pic of Tommy on the front. Put together well with some liner notes and pics to enjoy. Barry Alfonso, a very popular music journalist and author has some interesting notes and some words with Doug Gray who helped mix the concert.

Let me give you my caveat emptor (this is a 26 year old tape of unknown origin... no taper included in credits), so the sound quality has been made as good as possible though not up to modern standards and there may be an occasional anomaly. The first disc sounds better to me, not as compressed as the second disc.

There is lots of banter between the band and crowd. The show starts out with a strong "Running Like The Wind", the band sounding good and the crowd into it. The crowd doesn't respond much to the new music from "Tenth" which is definitely more hard rock sounding. Toy seems to be in an experimental mode for the night, exploring new tones and using distortion more than usual. When the band breaks out into "Heard It In A Love Song", their most commercial success from Carolina Dreams, the crowd explodes and the band delivers the best sounding performance of the night, nailing this tune. They also get a strong response from "Take The Highway" and "Ramblin".

On to disc two which starts out with a great version of "Fire On The Mountain" featuring Toy on pedal steel. Doug Gray's vocals sound as good as ever and are not effected by the recording quality, also Tommy Caldwell has one of his best nights on bass and he sounds good. Sometimes, Toy gets drowned out or breaks up (distortion, not laughing), makes me wonder if they are not on the same channel. "In My Own way" sort of drags along like a slow shuffle with some unusual lead guitar by Toy. The Band explodes again on "Twenty Four Hours At A Time", which they jam out. Toy really tries out some new stuff on lead, Eubanks is great on Sax. They return for a three song encore including "Can't You See", "Searchin' For A Rainbow" and a truncated "This Ol' Cowboy". Definitely a night to remember and is much like a Dead's Dick's Pick which are all two track soundboard recordings. This CD is made to order for Tucker Fans. This was the last time this specific group did a show, though they still are touring and recording today with lead singer Doug Gray as the only original member.

Original member George McCorkle adds:
"The only thing I can say about MTB Live at Long Island 4-18-80 is of course it was the very last date the Original MTB played together! I thought the Band kicked ass and it was really cool to listen as a fan instead of a player! I know I played the show but through the speakers a new life was born into the music! Tommy and Toy were alive and playing and we were all there together! What a treat! I hope all true MTB fans get the same rush and feel the same tears I did!! I'm glad it's out there for the fans, young and old and I'm glad it's out there for the world to know MTB, it's music, it's love and it's passion!!"

Imprint -"Ramblin" - Shout Factory

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Disc: 1 
1. Running Like The Wind 
2. Last Of The Singing Cowboy
3. It Takes Time 
4. Cattle Drive 
5. See You One More Time
6. Sing My Blues 
7. Take The Highway 
8. Heard It In A Love Song 
9. Rambliní
Disc: 2 
1. Fire On The Mountain
2. In My Own Way 
3. Desert Skies 
4. 24 Hours At A Time 
5. Canít You See 
6. Searchiní For A Rainbow 
7. This Olí Cowboy 

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