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Mindy Smith - Long Island Shores
Review By Jim Moulton, CSO Staff Journalist

In 2004, a young artist named Mindy Smith, with some help from Dolly Parton, sprung onto the scene with a blockbuster debut called One Moment More. It was a sparse affair, all songs by Smith except her unique cover of Parton's "Jolene". The disc put her on the Americana map selling three hundred thousand units. The album was emotive, brilliant and different for the singer-songwriter.

Sophomore CDs are always more difficult. It seems here she tries to stay with the same formula; familiar musical textures and effects. This time, Smith and Lex Price help Steve Buckingham out with the production. A few of the songs have a more pop and mainstream type of sound than her debut. She has upgraded her studio musicians adding Reese Wynans on B3 organ, Michael Rhodes on bass, Eddie Bayers on drums, Buddy Miller on electric guitar, and she plays some guitar and piano herself on some tracks plus Lex Price plays several instruments. There are plenty of effects in the background and also on her vocals.

Overall, this is a good album, a collection of songs, a few mentioning Christianity, like on her first disc. It's recorded in four different studios with Gary Pacsosa doing the mixing again. In my opinion, the best songs are the ones that she wrote by herself. They just seem more focused and create a better performance. Listening to One Moment More, there just seems to be more intensity and emotion on her vocals, where here her vocals are more laid back on some tracks (which is OK).

Smith has a big following here in Philly, she has performed here at least three or four times since her first disc came out. Last year, I had a press pass to see her at a local venue with Lex Price. She put on a killer show and you could hear a pin drop. During my interview, I asked about her upcoming CD which was supposed to be recorded last fall, but did not get finished til August of this year. If you liked her first CD, you will definitely like this, very similar. One interesting track is a duet with Buddy Miller called "What if The World Stopped Turning?". It has a very Nashville pop sound to it and probably could be a hit if it was on a major label.

"Out Loud" (Smith/Lindsey) - This is a very good upbeat song with a full band, the message being "We can Pray about it, Out Loud"

"Tennessee" (Smith) - A very nice acoustic ballad about living in Tennessee with just Mindy on acoustic guitar and Price on electric guitar.

"Out Of Control" (Smith) - Full band song about Smith's fragility and how she has trouble dealing with things she can't see. "I Don't Want To Let Go."

"Long Island Shores" (Smith) - Sparse backing for title track, this is about her family and going back to visit where she grew up in Long island, very catchy melody, interesting that she has a song about where she lives now and where she used to live.

"Peace of Mind" (Smith) - Another song about her fragility and dealing with it in song, probably my favorite song on the disc, just Mindy playing acoustic guitar. "I Need Peace of mind and a lullaby, cause there is an angry voice in my head tonight."

No mention of mastering engineer, though there are tons of recording engineers mentioned, maybe one of them did it, total sound quality good, but not as good as her debut CD. Enjoy!!!

Imprint - Vanguard
Release Date - Oct 10

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1. Out Loud 
2. Please Stay 
3. Edge of Love 
4. What If the World Stops Turning? 
5. You Just Forgot 
6. Tennessee 
7. You Know I Love You Baby 
8. Little Devil 
9. Out of Control 
10. I'm Not the Only One Asking 
11. Long Island Shores 
12. Peace of Mind

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