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No Depression - What It Sounds Like Vol. 2
Review By Jim Moulton, CSO Staff Journalist

No Depression is my favorite music mag. It's always what I look for first when I hit my Barnes and Noble. They seem to care about music I like.

This is their second collaboration with Dualtone Records. (A label I like too) The first compilation was good and this is sounding good too. No Depression is something people don't always understand what it's all about, especially since a lot of the music is depressing.

No Depression is lots of stuff, it's Americana, folksy music, alt/country. It's sparse, it's not usually polished, it's emotive. 

"Sounds Of Loneliness" Patty Loveless, from "Mountain Soul", three CD's ago for Loveless. An awesome stark rendering of her voice, encased in a package of acoustic guitars and twin fiddles with hi lonesome harmonies. Just don't get much better than this.

No Depression is old/timey, and not always a great recording. Actually today, it's getting harder to find a good recording anywhere.

"World So Full" by the Resentments is a heartache special with a guy with a rough voice that is so emotively warm. Really nice Dobro and guitar parts.

Several mags have spun off No Depression which has been around about ten years. We'll be nice and not copy and paste their names though. 

Nice ending to "World So Full".

"Will You Miss Me"- Kieran Kane - real nice acoustic alt/country tune. Great fiddle, nice booklet with this compilation, talking about each artist and song (offer for a free issue too). Great texture to this song.

Can I say something about Dualtone Records. (Sure I can, who's going to stop me) They are relatively new, but have some really good artists including Radney Foster (Who I like a lot - check out This World We Live In)

This is a real fun compilation, I feel like I've entered another era.

Drive By Truckers - "Outfit", nice, more rock sounding song with a country base. Some good lyrics and pedal steel, interesting electric guitar riffs.

Billy Joe Shaver, "Blood Is Thicker Than Water", sings a song with his son.  Real roadhouse sound with some hot 'lectric guitar.

Caitlin Cary with Ryan Adams "The Battle" - great acoustic song, terrific harmonies, fiddle, sparse arrangement.

These songs are all older, nothing newly released, which is interesting; but honestly, there ain't lots of good music been made lately.

Julie Miller, "I Can't Cry Hard Enough" - This is just so moving, mostly just piano and Miller's emotive voice. Powerful lyrics ,hm mm, yeh , this is just great.

OK, I'm winding down this here review and I see what's next. Beside's Loveless, this gal Rosanne Cash is probably one of the more well known artists here. "September When It Comes" is from '03s Rules Of Travel, a duet with her dad, Johnny Cash is just powerful, yet beautiful, talking about Cash's upcoming death and yes, he died in September. Levanthal did a great job with this song in producing it, great acoustic picking. Rosanne sings first and when her Dad comes in, it is just an awesome vibe. Really love this song. "They will fly me like an angel to a place I can rest".

Another song by Johnny and June Carter Cash is about the same subject "Far Side Banks of Jordan". Another inspirational beauty. I'm gone, out of paper. You gotta get this.

Click on the CD cover to order yours!

1. Jay Farrar "Station to Station"
2. Patty Loveless "Sounds of Loneliness"
3. Resentments "World So Full"
4. Kieran Kane "Will You Miss Me"
5. Paul Burch & The WPA Ballclub "I Am Here"
6. Drive-By-Trucker "Outfit"
7. Shaver "Blood Is Thicker Than Water"
8. Caitlin Cary with Ryan Adams "The Battle" 
9. Hazel Dickens and Alice Gerrard "The One I Love Is Gone"
10. Julie Miller "I Can't Cry Hard Enough" 
11. Rosanne Cash "September When It Comes"
12. June Carter Cash and Johnny Cash "Far Side Banks of Jordan"
13. Flatlanders "Hello Stranger"

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