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Robert Bacon - Seeing Someone New
By: George Peden, CSO Staff Journalist

Robert Bacon is a suave-looking singer from Missouri who now calls Nashville home. His latest release,” Seeing Someone New”, has recently landed on the CSO desk. Recorded before “Drinkin’ Thinkin’”, his breakthrough on the Texas charts, the album is a blend of up-tempo tunes and wailing weepers. It’s out on B & O Records.

In the looks department, Bacon sizzles. The coiffure and styled image shown in the liner notes is more a Vogue setting than something a cowboy with a bleeding heart or a sawdust floor to claim would relate to, but these are modern times. There may be no hat, no fancy buckle, but Bacon knows the way to the hurting, lovin’ and leavin’ side of his favorite music. It’s a side well visited since school day’s radio and hearing Garth and Alan.

Jump forward. A first album in Nashville in 2000, followed by a move there early this year, and Bacon’s steady goal of a recording career is under way. Setting up a Nashville business office and this new album all add to the overall plan.

The album, produced by Charlie Brown, who also provided most of the co-writing across the 11 tracks, has some radio possibilities for Bacon’s developing voice and style.

“Out Of The Blue” is an engaging rocker. Telling the tale of neglecting the partner at home while painting the town, it’s brings a truth wayward guys should heed. The chorus tags the experience when it says that there should be no surprises as the lady of the story moves on and finds someone who cares, out of the blue. Bacon drives the song along, helped by a primed band of noted players, including respected Danny Parks on guitar. Another rug mover is the catchy and hook-driven, “Beers Ago”. A familiar tale of broken promises and exceeded expectation, thanks to the brown fuel; the song should draw interest in Bacon’s planned shows.

Bacon offers two co-written efforts on the album, “Keep Dreamin’” and “Sing You Back To Me”. “Dreamin’” is a hard-pounded clutch at the possibilities, but it’s a tune that to my ears works Bacon’s voice just a tad too hard. “Sing You…” is a slower approach to partnership woes. The rest of the album shuffles through the familiar terrain of pain, loss and the restoration of shattered experiences. Those experiences play out in tracks like “The Leaves”, “Still Thinking About You” and “Hand-Me-Down Couch”.


Seeing Something New song list:

To purchase the CD online just click on the album cover on the left. 
1. Out of The Blue
2. Seeing Someone New
3. Beers Ago
4. Waiting on Tables
5. Keep Dreaming
6. Still Thinking About It
7. Sing You Back To Me
8. First Time in a Longtime
9. More Than A Ring
10. Leaves
11. Hand Me Down Couch

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